Android TV Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Due to all the advanced features of Android TV, it is at the top of the demand of people in the present modern world. All favorite videos can be easily searched online and enjoyed through Android TV. Moreover, Android TV uses various technologies that make watching TV more enjoyable.

What are the main features of Android TV?

Some special features of Android television are discussed below:

Android Operating System: The main feature of Android TV is that it has Android operating system. Most Android apps can be run on these TVs as they have the Android operating system. As a result, Android TV can be used for all types of social media. Moreover, all types of RAM-compatible video games can be played on Android TV. However, a separate game controller is required to play the games.

HDR Technology: HDR technology works to enhance the color of the video. This technology adds extra brightness and provides clear color to the entire video.

Voice Search Remote: Most Android TV come with a voice search remote that supports using the Google Voice Search option. Any audio and video can be easily searched and enjoyed by speaking with this remote.

Response Time: Android TV has a relatively low response time, so there is no difficulty in watching high-resolution videos. Most Android TV typically has a 2-millisecond to 5-millisecond response time.

Refresh Rate: Refresh rate basically refers to how many images are displayed on the television screen per second. The higher the refresh rate, the easier it is to enjoy high-resolution videos. And, the refresh rate is relatively high on Android TV.

Which brand of Android TV is available in Bangladesh?

Different brands of Android TV are available in Bangladesh. Popular brands among them are Samsung, Sony, LG, Haier, and Panasonic. Currently, some Chinese brands of Android TV are available in Bangladesh. Which are cheaper and mean better. The brands are: Triton, JVCO, Sony Plus, Vezio, Mengo, View One, and Olive.

What is the price of Android TV in Bangladesh?

Android TV price in Bangladesh varies based on brand, size, panel, and resolution. 24-inch Android TV in Bangladesh is available between Tk 5,990 and Tk 8,500. Again, the 32-inch and 40-inch Android TV is available from Tk 10,000 to Tk 37,000. And, the 43-inch Android TVs range from Tk 17,000 to Tk 74,000. 50-inch Android TV is available between Tk 26,000 and Tk 80,000. From the next step onwards, the price of Android TV is comparatively higher. 55-inch Android TVs range from Tk 37,000 to Tk 2,75,000. 65-inch Android TV is available from TK 47,000 to TK 3,85,000. 75-inch Android TVs range from Tk 80,000 to Tk 5,10,000. And, the 85-inch Android TVs range from Tk 2,87,000 to Tk 9,50,000.

What are the popular Android TV series in Bangladesh?

Currently, the popularity of several series of Android TV among the people of Bangladesh is more noticeable. Popular TV series are mentioned:

  • Sony Bravia Series Android TV
  • Xiaomi Mi Q1 Series Android TV
  • Xiaomi Mi 4X Series Android TV
  • Xiaomi Mi P1 Series Android TV
  • Samsung AU8100 Series Android TV