32 Inch TV Price in Bangladesh

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32 Inch Television Buying in Bangladesh

32 inch TV is basically a standard-size TV at an affordable price. This size TV can be used comfortably from home to office or business. Moreover, the 32-inch TV is compact in size and offers a good balance in setting up anywhere. TV of this size is designed with high-definition resolution, smart TV features, and connectivity facilities like HDMI and USB ports. Currently, according to customer demand, 32 inch TV of various popular Chinese brand including Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and Vision is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

What is the advantage of using 32 inch TV?

1. 32 inch TV is usually flat panels that can be easily mounted on desks, tables, or walls in homes, offices, and businesses.

2. TV of this size is usually built with advanced display technology including LED, IPS and provides HD and full HD resolution. Also, some TVs of this size offer 4K resolution, which costs a bit more.

3. Moreover, TV of this size has various connectivity facilities including HDMI port, USB port, Bluetooth, WiFi, and LAN connectivity. As a result, it can work with various devices including DVD players, gaming consoles, and sound systems.

4. 32 inch TV can be used for video streaming, internet browsing, and downloading necessary apps through an internet connection.

5. Along with a smart remote control, a voice control system is included in 32 inch TV. As a result, TV of this size can be controlled from a specific location via remote or voice.

6. A TV of this size is compact in design and light in weight, so it can be moved anywhere if needed.

7. A 32-inch TV uses less power to watch than a larger-size TV, resulting in lower power consumption costs.

8. Also, the 32-inch TV has both analog and digital TV tuners, which decode the signals to provide interesting visuals while watching TV.

9. 32-inch TV offers a 5 millisecond to 20 millisecond response time, and a 50-60 Hz refresh rate for fast access.

10. Also, advanced features like digital noise reduction, child lock, 2D, and 3D technology are included in the 32 inch TV, which helps to watch TV comfortably.

How much does cost 32 inch TV in Bangladesh?

The price of 32 inch TV in Bangladesh starts from Tk 6,900, which is made with a combination of LED technology and digital sound system. The price of 32 inch TV in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, model, display technology, smart features, and other factors. Moreover, 32 inch TV with advanced display technology and smart features is available between Tk 10,000 and Tk 30,000.