Smart TV Price in Bangladesh 2023

As a result of the change of era, now the advanced TV technology has come to the market which is known as smart TV. In addition to cable TV connection, smart TV now has Internet connection so it can be used to watch TV as well as do many other things. Smart TV also has the advantage of using all means of communication. The demand for smart TV for all these features is increasing day by day and its price in Bangladesh is much lower than before. However, before buying a smart TV, you need to know some tips such as:

1. Scren size: Before buying a smart TV, you must see the size of the smart TV because the bigger it is, the better. However, the size should be selected based on from how far you will watch TV. Most families in Bangladesh watch TV from a very short distance, so a 32-36 inch TV will suffice. Again, if the room is large, a large smart television can be used according to the room space.

2. Budget: Currently the price of smart TV is much lower now because many companies are making it. The smart TV price in Bangladesh is from 6,000 Taka which will give HD resolution and has all the benefits of smart TV. The screen will be from 24 to 32 inch. If you buy a smart TV of a famous brand, the price in Bangladesh will be 24,000 Taka where the screen size will be 32 inch, but you will get a high quality HD picture. The price of a 43-inch smart TV varies from Taka 25,000 to Taka 35,000 depending on the manufacturer. The price of a 55-inch smart TV is a minimum of Taka 40,000 and the bigger the screen, the higher the price. So, better to look at BD Stall smart TV list and buy the desired TV at lowest price.

3. Resolution: It is important to keep an eye on the display resolution of the smart TV. The picture or video quality of a smart TV will depend on the resolution of the TV. There is a lot of demand for smart TVs using LED and OLED technology in the current market. Smart TVs of some resolutions are available in Bangladesh such as HD, Full HD, Ultra HD. So you should buy a smart TV with a complete idea about the resolution.

4. Sound system: In addition to the picture or video quality, you must look at the sound system of the smart TV. It is important to choose a smart TV with a high quality sound system. There are Dolby Digital systems, stereo sound systems or many more audio speakers on the market. However, Dolby Digital Sound System and Stereo Sound System are more popular in Bangladesh. If the sound system of the smart television is good, there is no need to buy a separate sound system.

5. Processor: The most important feature of a smart TV is its processor. If the processor is powerful, the power and speed of the smart TV will increase. With the help of smart TV processor, you can use different software, play games and much more. So before buying a smart TV, it is necessary to check whether a good processor has been used in the smart TV of choice.

6. Controller: The controller feature must be given priority before buying any smart TV. In addition to the more functional remote control, there is a lot of demand for voice control TV now. So before buying a smart TV, it is important to see what the controlling system looks like.

7. Connection & storage: In the current era, smart TVs must have storage for modern connectivity and content storage. Check if the smart TV has HDMI, LAN, USB connection. And better if there is a WiFi connection. Browsing the internet through smart TV, playing online games, YouTube videos, messaging can be done easily. Again, find out if there is a facility to save any content very easily.