Smart TV Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Smart Television Buying in Bangladesh

As a result of the change of era, now the advanced TV technology has come to the market which is known as smart TV. In addition to cable TV connection, smart TV now has Internet connection so it can be used to watch TV as well as do many other things. Smart TV also has the advantage of using all means of communication. The demand for smart TV for all these features is increasing day by day and its price in Bangladesh is much lower than before.

Why is Smart TV better than Regular TV?

1. One of the biggest advantages of using a smart TV is the convenience of internet connectivity, which allows for a wide range of apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, along with gaming and online video streaming.

2. Smart TV has built-in voice assistants such as Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, allowing easy control through voice commands.

3. Smart TV has high-quality display panels and advanced sound systems, which provide an overall engaging experience while watching TV.

4. Smart TV has powerful processors to operate a wide variety of apps as well as provide advanced gaming facilities.

5. Also, smart TV is equipped with advanced color technology to provide better visuals for videos, gaming, and web browsing.

6. Smart TV has screen mirroring and casting facilities for viewing various multimedia content such as videos, images, and presentations from mobiles, tablets, and computers.

7. Smart TV has built-in storage for storing photos, videos, and essential content. Besides, multiple apps can be installed on smart TV as per demand.

8. Some smart TV include interactive features, allowing for easy web browsing, social media integration, and multiplayer gaming.

What is the latest price of Smart TV?

Currently the price of smart TV is much lower now because many companies are making it. The smart TV price in Bangladesh is from 6,000 Taka which will give Full HD resolution and has all the benefits of smart TV. The screen will be from 24 to 32 inch. If you buy a smart TV of a famous brand, the price in Bangladesh will be 24,000 Taka where the screen size will be 32 inch, but you will get a high quality HD picture. The price of a 43-inch smart TV varies from Taka 25,000 to Taka 35,000 depending on the manufacturer. The price of a 55-inch smart TV is a minimum of Taka 40,000 and the bigger the screen, the higher the price. So, better to look at BD Stall smart TV list and buy the desired TV at lowest price.

What is the minimum resolution Smart TV to buy?

HD, Full HD, 4K, and 8K resolution smart TV is usually available at an affordable price in the Bangladesh market. However, it is better to choose a minimum Full HD resolution when buying a Smart TV. Full HD Smart TV offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which provides sharp and detailed images enough to watch videos. However, for more interesting and high-quality video viewing, you should buy a 4K resolution smart TV which offers 4 times more resolution than Full HD resolution. Moreover, smart TV with 8K resolution is now available, which is comparatively more expensive.

What kind of operating system is used in Smart TV?

It is very important to check the operating system while buying a smart TV. Operating system mainly helps to operate user interface, apps, gaming and video streaming, voice control system, and other smart devices easily. Currently, smart TV can usually be operated with standard OS including Android, Tizen, and WebOS. So, you can choose any operating system according to your needs and preferences.

What is necessary in terms of using Smart TV?

  • Smart TV must have a reliable internet connection to access gaming, video streaming, and other online services.
  • Also should have enough bandwidth for smooth video streaming and gaming.
  • Almost all smart TV has an internet cable connection as well as a WiFi connection facility to connect to the home network to avoid cable hassle. So, you can use a WiFi connection if needed.
  • Moreover, smart TV requires an internet connection as well as account creation for downloading apps, gaming, and video streaming.
  • In addition to watching smart TV, software and firmware must be updated if necessary.