OLED TV Price in Bangladesh

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OLED TV is basically a TV with a display made of organic light-emitting diode technology. In this technology, the TV's pixels usually emit their own light. As a result, video viewing results in deeper blacks and brighter colors than LED TV. Also, OLED TV offers a wide range of viewing angles. Nowadays, OLED TV has become popular in Bangladesh due to their superior video quality, sleekness, lightweight, and modern design.

What is the price of OLED TV?

OLED TV price in Bangladesh vary depending on the brand, screen size, and features. Generally, OLED TV is slightly more expensive than LED TV, but with technological advancements, OLED TV price is coming down. Currently, 55-inch OLED TV price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 1,30,000 depending on the brand and features. Moreover, 65-inch OLED TV price starts from around Tk 2,50,000. Besides, 77-inch or larger size OLED TV costs 4,90,000 Tk or more.

What is the advantage of OLED TV over LED TV?

There are several advantages of using OLED TV as compared to LED TV. Notable benefits are:

Wide View Angle: OLED TV has wide view angles, so there is no change in picture quality when viewing the TV from any angle.

Faster Refresh Rate: OLED TV has a faster refresh rate compared to LED TV. As a result, fast-moving images such as sports or action movies can be viewed comfortably on OLED TV.

Slim Design: OLED TV does not require a backlight, so this technology's tv is thinner and lighter than LED TV.

Power Efficient: OLED TV displays light through pixels which are more power efficient than LED TV.

Accurate Color: OLED TV generally provides more accurate colors for viewing TV than LED TV. Because each pixel of an OLED TV emits its light, color is not affected by the backlight.

Motion Blur: OLED TV's response time is less than 1 ms, resulting in clear viewing of fast-moving video. Also, the OLED pixels turn on and off very quickly, resulting in a smooth and natural video when watching TV. Which is especially important for sports and action movies.

High Dynamic Range: OLED TV displays a wide range of colors and high brightness which is ideal for watching high-dynamic range videos. In addition, HDR provides greater visibility in both bright and dark areas when watching videos.

Gaming Performance: OLED TV is ideal for gaming as it offers fast response times and low input lag. As a result, gamers can play more responsive games smoothly on OLED TV.

Which brand of OLED TV is available in Bangladesh?

Currently, various brands of OLED TV is available in Bangladesh at affordable price. One of which is Sony, Samsung, and LG brand OLED TV.