4K TV Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Nowadays more or less everyone watches TV and everyone wants to see it as it is seen in reality. 4K delivers better and higher-quality video than any other resolution. With the advancement of technology, the price of 4K televisions has dropped dramatically this year. So, when buying a smart TV, 4K resolution should be one of the key feature. Let's find out why you should buy a 4K television which is also known as Ultra High Definition TV.

1. The 4K resolution provides 3640 x 2160 pixels which is enough to see every detail and sharpness of a TV.

2. 4K provides extra pixels that allow the TV to see more dynamic colors with deep shadows.

3. 4K provides LifeLike video that is almost identical to what you see in real life because it shows incredible depth and contrast.

4. 4K is also compatible with HD, so you will get a taste of the resolution of the original video.

5. Many videos are now released in 4K and will soon be standard so you don't have to change TVs for the future.

6. HDR technology is now incorporated into many 4K televisions so you can experience HDR video on 4K TVs.

7. Gaming on 4K television will give you a real life simulation as most of the latest games are made in 4K resolution.

8. As the price of 4K television now much lower in Bangladesh, it has become easier for everyone to buy but it depends on the size of the screen and the reputation of the brand. A standard 4K TV price in Bangladesh will be between Taka 10,000 and Taka 15,000 which will give you a high definition picture experience and the screen size of the TV will be at least 32 inch. The 43-inch 4K TV starts at Taka 35,000 with a larger screen size and better pixel density. If you want to buy a world class brand 4K TV, the starting price for the same screen size will be Taka 40,000 but the picture quality, durability will be extraordinary.