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Matica XID-8600 Retransfer Card Printer Price in Bangladesh


Compact and powerful desktop ID card printer
Over the edge, retransfer card printing
600 x 600 dpi duplex printing
Up to 120 cards per hour
Very high print quality and reliability
A range of security features to ensure optimal safety and fraud protection

Full Specification

ID 57482
Lowest Price ৳ 515,000
Item ID Card Printer
Status Out of Stock
Updated 5 months ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


This extremely high resolution perfectly serves print demands in aspiring ID card applications such as enhanced security, national ID programs, driver's license programs and the like. The ultra-high resolution of 600 dpi allows the printing of crisp, lowercase letters, allowing the size of a letter to be 1,3pt. Electronic fine-line printing and other sophisticated graphical elements can be printed with printable exciting, almost equal to printing, quality. It can be configured and customized for all kinds of unique requirements. A wide range of XID encoding modules, such as smart card encoders. Made in Thailand.

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