Samsung Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Samsung Washing Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Samsung washing machine is a prevalent home appliance device to avoid the hassle of washing clothes regularly. Because the washing machine of this brand is made with advanced features, powerful engines, and advanced technology. Currently, Samsung assembles washing machines in its factory in Bangladesh. As a result, Samsung washing machine of various capacitiy is available at an affordable price in the Bangladesh market with advanced features as per customer needs and preferences.

Why is Samsung Washing Machine good?

1. Samsung washing machine is mainly designed with durable and energy-efficient digital inverter motors. As a result, it ensures efficient washing of clothes in less time.

2. Samsung washing machine has a wide range of cycles like Normal, Delicate, Heavy Duty, Quick Wash, and other settings to clean clothes properly. As a result, the appropriate cycle can be selected for proper cleaning according to the type of fabric.

3. Samsung washing machine is equipped with Ecobubble technology to save energy and clean clothes properly. This type of technology essentially mixes detergent with water and air to create a powerful foam that penetrates the fabric quickly. Also, Samsung washing machine with Ecobubble technology can clean clothes thoroughly even at low temperatures.

4. With QuickDrive technology, Samsung washing machine takes about 50% less time to wash clothes. This type of technology is mainly designed with a unique drum and backplate. As a result, it creates a mixture of water and detergent in a faster time and ensures washing clothes in less time.

5. Samsung washing machine has advanced features like AdWash Door to re-add detergent if you accidentally add less detergent while washing clothes.

6. Samsung washing machine is equipped with a Smart Control feature, which helps to monitor and control the machine remotely using the smartphone app. Also, washing machine cycle start, break, receive alert messages as well as troubleshooting from anywhere.

7. Moreover, Samsung washing machine is equipped with Vibration Reduction Technology, which helps reduce noise and vibration while cleaning clothes. As a result, it can be operated smoothly in houses or apartments.

8. Samsung washing machine is equipped with Self-Clean+ technology, which helps keep the drum clean and odor-free. It automatically removes dirt and bacteria from the drum to ensure a hygienic wash every time.

9. To prevent children from accidentally tampering with settings or opening the machine during operation, Samsung washing machines have a child lock feature.

10. Some Samsung washing machine is equipped with Airwash technology, which helps refresh and deodorize clothes without using water. This type of technology uses hot air to remove odors, fabric dirt, and bacteria. It is suitable for cleaning lightly soiled clothes.

Also, Samsung provides about 1-year service warranty on the purchase of washing machines. Besides, having its authorized dealer points in Bangladesh, all after-sales services from spare parts to servicing are easily available.

How much is the price of Samsung Washing Machine?

Samsung washing machine price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 23,000 which is usually a top-loading washing machine with 7kg capacity. Moreover, Samsung washing machine price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the model, features, technology, and capacity. 8-9 kg capacity Samsung washing machine with advanced features and technology is available in a budget of Tk 44,000 to Tk 66,000.