Haier Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Haier Washing Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Haier Washing Machine is one of the products of Haier Group Corporation which has gained a global reputation for advanced technology and advanced features. Different model of front load and top load type of Haier washing machine is available in Bangladesh. Haier washing machine is popular in Bangladesh for its easy control panel, anti-bacterial treatment (ABT), high capacity, and automatic cleaning system features. Moreover, Haier washing machines can be procured from Bdstall at a relatively affordable price.

What is the specialty of the Haier washing machine?

Details about the special features of the Haier washing machine:

1. Easy Touch Control Panel: Haier washing machine has an easy touch control panel that anyone can easily operate the Haier washing machine. And, the control panel of the Haier washing machine is made of touch technology, which looks very attractive and suits the current lifestyle.

2. Multiple Washing Program: Haier washing machine has multiple washing programs so that different washing programs can be used depending on the type of fabric. Most of the Haier washing machines include Shirt, Cotton, Baby Care, Duvet, Sterilization, Delicates/Silk, Sports, Spin, Rinse+Spin, Hygienic, Self-Clean, Express 15 Minutes, Heavy, and Mix washing programs.

3. Hijab Mode: One of the special features of the Haier washing machine is the hijab mode which gently washes the burqa or hijab. Moreover, the Haier washing machine has become very popular in Bangladesh due to hijab mode.

4. Anti-Bacterial Treatment: Most Haier washing machines include an Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) feature, which kills harmful bacteria while washing clothes. At present, the rate of spread of disease among humans due to viruses and bacteria is high, so anti-bacterial treatment (ABT) is very effective.

5. Energy Efficiency: Front-load Haier washing machine is comparatively 25 to 30 percent energy efficient. And, Haier washing machine is globally renowned for its energy efficiency.

Moreover, Haier washing machine is made of superior materials resulting in comfortable use for years. And, the maintenance of a higher washing machine is relatively easy and affordable.

What is the price of the Haier washing machine?

Recently, the prices of Haier washing machines tend to decrease depending on the model, type, technology, and features. Haier washing machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 21,000 which has a washing capacity of 7 kg and can wash clothes in a fast time. Moreover, Haier front load washing machine price starts from TK 39,000 which comes with a touch control panel and 14 washing programs. And, a higher washing capacity Haier washing machine is available in BD which cost comparatively more.