Sharp Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Sharp Washing Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Sharp washing machine is one of the products of Sharp Corporation which has gained a wide reputation worldwide due to its high quality and advanced technology. Sharp washing machine can clean more clothes in less time, so its demand in Bangladesh is constantly increasing. Nowadays, sharp washing machine with different technology and design is available in BD at affordable price. Moreover, different models of sharp washing machine can be procured from Bdstall at a low price.

What is the price of Sharp washing machine?

Currently, the price of Sharp washing machine more or less depends on its model and features. Sharp washing machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 28,000 which has 8-kg capacity and can wash clothes in quick time. As the capacity and features of the Sharp washing machine increase, so does its price. Moreover, sharp washing machine with J-Tech inverter, 15 washing programs, less electricity and water consumption, and modern control system is available in BD at a comparatively higher price.

What is the specialty of Sharp washing machine?

Some special features of Sharp washing machine are discussed in detail:

1. Washing Program: Sharp washing machines have multiple washing programs to wash different types of clothes. Sharp washing machines have up to 15 washing programs depending on the model which are: Cotton, Quick Wash and Dry, Eco, Rinse + Spin, Allergy, Intensive, Spin Super, Dry, Dry Air Wash, Hygiene, Wool, Clean, Drum, Wash and Dry, and Bedding. Therefore, one should select a sharp washing machine with a specific washing program as per the requirement.

2. High Load Capacity: Currently, Sharp washing machine with a load capacity of 8 kg to 75 kg is available in Bangladesh. The load capacity of Sharp washing machine is relatively high in budget ratio, which is one of the features of this brand of washing machine. As a result, it is easy to choose the right capacity sharp washing machine for home and laundry.

3. Advanced Inverter: Most Sharp washing machines include a J-Tech inverter. As a result, Sharp washing machine is relatively energy efficient. And, its operating costs is relatively low.

4. Easy Control Panel: Sharp washing machines have multiple washing programs that can be changed as needed with the easy control panel. People with common sense can easily control the Sharp washing machine, so it has become very popular among washing machine users in Bangladesh.

5. Long Durability: Sharp washing machine is made of high-quality materials, hence can be used effortlessly for years.

Moreover, depending on the model, Sharp washing machine has a certain period of parts warranty and service warranty, so if there is any unexpected problem within a certain period, the company will change the parts and provide services free of charge.

How is the washing performance of Sharp washing machine?

Sharp washing machine comes with high load capacity, advanced inverters, multiple washing programs, and simple control systems, thereby it able to provide high-quality performance. In the context of Bangladesh, Sharp washing machine is an ideal choice for household and laundry. Moreover, the Sharp washing machine has an intelligent waterfall system so there is no water wastage.

Best Sharp Washing Machine Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best sharp washing machine list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best sharp washing machine list has been created based on the interest for sharp washing machine buyers of BD Stall.

Sharp Washing Machine Model Price in BD
Sharp ES-W80EW-H 8Kg Full Auto Washing Machine ৳ 35,990
Sharp ES-F100G Full Auto Washing Machine ৳ 37,000
Sharp ES-W95TWXT-SA-ESQ J-Tech Inverter Washing Machine ৳ 39,000
Sharp ES-W100DS-H Top Load Washing Machine ৳ 43,000
Sharp ES-FW105SG Front Load Washing Machine ৳ 60,000
Sharp ES-F140G Full Auto Inverter Washing Machine ৳ 48,000
Sharp ES-F160G Full Automatic Washing Machine ৳ 50,000
Sharp ES-FW105D7PS Full Automatic Washing Machine ৳ 87,000
Sharp ES-FW85SG J-Tech Inverter Washing Machine ৳ 52,000