LG Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh

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LG washing machine is a product of the reputed LG Corporation which has gained great popularity in Bangladesh due to the inclusion of multiple heat technologies. LG washing machine has multiple wash functions including turbo wash which is one of the reasons for its high demand. Moreover, LG washing machine is relatively energy and water-efficient. Nowadays, front-load and top-load LG washing machines of various capacities are available in Bangladesh at an affordable price.

How much is the price of LG Washing Machine in Bangladesh?

The price of LG washing machine is determined based on its capacity, type, quality, technology, etc. LG Washing Machine price in Bangladesh starts from as low as BDT 36,000 which is a top load LG washing machine that comes with 8kg capacity and advanced features. Moreover, buying an LG washing machine with multiple wash functions and steam function will cost more than BDT 70,000.

Why choose LG Washing Machine?

1. LG washing machine includes multiple heat technology so it can clean clothes at specific temperatures according to the type of clothes. As a result, washing clothes with an LG washing machine does not damage the color and quality of the clothes.

2. LG washing machines have a smart inverter that is able to increase or decrease the motor speed based on the amount of clothes in the washing machine. As a result, LG washing machines can save a lot of electricity. Moreover, the LG washing machine uses less water due to the smart inverter.

3. LG washing machine includes multiple wash programs depending on the model. As a result, the user can select the washing program according to the type of clothes on the control panel of the LG washing machine before washing the clothes so that there is no damage to the clothes.

4. Several LG washing machine includes a steam function that automatically dries clothes after washing. Moreover, the LG washing machine steam function reduces the allergens by 99.99% while drying the clothes.

5. LG washing machine is made of superior quality materials that last for a long time. Moreover, LG washing machines come with a limited parts and service warranty depending on the model. As a result, if there is any problem with the LG washing machine within a certain period, the company provides free replacement of washing machine parts or servicing facilities.

What kind of control panel does LG Washing Machine have?

LG washing machine includes a simple smart control panel so that anyone can easily operate this washing machine. Moreover, most of the LG washing machine includes a touch display control panel which looks great and is in tune with modern times.

What is the noise level of LG Washing Machine?

LG washing machine includes BMC motor protection which holds the washing machine motor tightly which reduces noise and vibration levels. The noise level of the LG washing machine is a maximum of 45dB which is equal to or less than normal AC sleep mode.