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Small Hand Luggage Scanner LCD Screen MCD 5030A

Price ৳ 780,000
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Item Baggage Scanner
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৳ 780,000
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X-rays inspection technology, 80° x-ray angle, LCD screen, 500 x 300 mm tunnel, 690 x 510 x 650 mm shelf, 0.22 m / s conveyor speed, 170 Kg maximum conveyor load, single inspection dosage < 1.5µGy, maximum leakage radiation <0.05µGY/H, 0.1mm metal line wire resolution, 8mm steel penetration, for ISO 1600 mile film safety, 55DB noise level, 0.4~1.2MA tube current, 100~160 kV anode voltage, -20ºC to 60ºC storage temperature, 0ºC to 45ºC operating temperature.

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