Xiaomi Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Xiaomi Smart Watch Buying in Bangladesh

Currently in Bangladesh, Xiaomi Smart is at the top of the popularity list due to its amazing features at a low price. Xiaomi Smart Watch is also quite advanced in terms of quality. Xiaomi Smart Watch is also known as Mi Smart Watch in Bangladesh. The Mi smart watch has some special features that other smart watches cost a lot of money to get.

Why buy Xiaomi Smart Watch?

Xiaomi smart watch has some special features which are especially useful for daily life. Some of the significant features of Xiaomi smart watch are highlighted below:

Display: Xiaomi smart watch comes in different sizes of display. The resolution of the display is very good in Xiaomi smart watches. The display of Xiaomi smart watch comes in rectangle, square and round shape. So customers can easily buy Xiaomi smart watch with the display of their choice.

Connectivity: Xiaomi smart watch uses the latest technology Bluetooth connectivity through which the mobile, laptop or computer notifications can be received easily and even from a distance of several meters with a very fast Bluetooth connection. A call does not have to be taken out of the mobile pocket and can be directly received and talked through the smart watch.

Sensors: Xiaomi smart watch has the latest high quality sensors. With the help of Xiaomi smart watch sensor SpO2 means pulse oximeter monitoring, 24 hours bio tracking, heart rate monitoring and special activities monitoring for women's health can be done very easily.

Operating System: Xiaomi smart watch supports Android and iOS operating systems. There are some current Mi series Xiaomi smart watches that support Windows and Linux operating systems as well.

Does Mi Smart Watch have sports mode?

Sports mode has been added to Mi smart watch for a long time. Below are the names and functions of some sports modes:

Cycling: Mi smart watch has a cycling mode that shows calories burned and blood pressure while cycling. Some of the more expensive MI smartwatches can show speed and track how fast you are cycling while cycling.

Basketball: While playing basketball, the Mi smart watch shows the calories burned while playing basketball, as well as heart rate and blood pressure.

Climbing: Mi smart watch can easily show the user by scanning heart rate, steps, calories, blood pressure while climbing.

Is Mi Smart Watch's fitness tracking system completely accurate?

The Xiaomi brand claims that some of the current premium series of Mi smart watches are available in the Bangladeshi market to feature accurate fitness tracking. Experts have also conducted various tests to confirm that the tracking feature of the premium Mi smart watch is more accurate than other smart watches. However, there are some cheap Xiaomi smart watches available in the Bangladeshi market, although they do not show 100% accurate tracking, they can track 80% to 90% accurate. As a result some idea about fitness is available.

What is the price of Xiaomi smart watch in Bangladesh?

The price of Xiaomi smart watch in Bangladesh is 2600 Tk which can be seen everywhere. Xiaomi smart watch also has some premium MI series smart watches that cost around Tk 5,000. If you want to get more features and benefits, it is best to use the premium series of Xiaomi smart watches. However, in terms of general use, the low-cost Xiaomi smart watch will provide many benefits that are not available in other smart watches.