Car Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Due to increasing industrialization and urbanization, the use of car has increased to a great extent. Demand for reliable and efficient car battery has increased significantly with the increase in demand for car. Moreover, the car battery is used to run the car engine as well as to operate various electrical appliances such as lights, air conditioning systems, infotainment systems, and other necessary equipment. Currently, popular brand car battery of Volvo, Locus, and Hamco as well as hybrid car battery is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh according to customer demand.

What kind of Car Battery is available in Bangladesh?

According to advanced construction technology, two-car battery types are widely available in Bangladesh.

Wet Lead-Acid Car Battery: This type of car battery is ancient, having been used for decades. Wet lead-acid car batteries are basically batteries consisting of lead plates immersed in a liquid electrolyte solution. This type of car battery is available at a low price in Bangladesh, but requires regular maintenance and is more likely to run out of charge quickly in extreme weather conditions.

Sealed Car Battery: This type of car battery is much better than conventional car battery and can be used for a long time without maintenance. Moreover, sealed car battery (powder car battery) is usually sealed at the top. In the case of car use, there is no possibility of acid leakage from sealed car battery or gas leakage during charging under normal conditions. Currently, various capacity of sealed car battery is available at affordable price on a popular online marketplace in Bangladesh.

However, when buying a car battery, you must check the car model and the battery capacity compatible with the car.

Why buy Car Battery?

1. The car battery provides the electrical energy needed to start the car engine.

2. Provides proper power to operate various electrical components of the vehicle such as lights, air conditioning system, infotainment system, power windows, and other functions.

3. It supplies the necessary power to headlights and taillights during adverse weather or night driving.

4. Also, the car battery supplies current to the ignition system of the petrol-powered car engine.

5. Also the car battery helps to run the car's odometer and horn.

It is very important to consider the vehicle battery according to the type of vehicle to get a proper power supply in the above cases. For private cars, small-range vehicles with CNG, car batteries with a voltage of 6-12 volts should be considered. Also, for vehicles like buses, and trucks, it is better to consider 24-volt or higher-voltage car batteries.

How much does Car Battery cost?

Car battery price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 5,900, with a power capacity of 35 amps which is suitable for use in private cars and CNG. Moreover, car battery price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on brand, model, battery type, voltage, and battery capacity. Also, high-capacity and sealed car battery is available on a budget of Tk 8,000 to Tk 20,000 that is suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles including buses, and trucks.

How long can Car Battery be used permanently?

Car battery life varies mainly depending on several factors, including vehicle driving, charging system, and maintenance. Moreover, the car battery lasts less time depending on hard driving, and environmental conditions. However, if properly maintained, a car battery can last for about a hundred thousand miles. Also, hybrid car battery last up to fifteen years depending on the type.

How to maintain Car Battery for long-term use?

Car battery life varies depending on battery quality, driving conditions, and maintenance.

  • Continuous use of the car battery causes the battery terminals to corrode, so the terminals should be cleaned every few days using baking soda and water. However, the car battery must be disconnected before cleaning.
  • As a result of regular car driving, the car battery often becomes loose due to shaking, so the car battery should be well tied in the tray to prevent excessive movement.
  • Moreover, electrical components such as lights, air conditioning systems, and infotainment systems should be switched off if the vehicle engine is switched off for a long period.
  • Both excessive heat and cold harm car battery. So the car should be kept in a shaded place during summer. Car warmer should be turned on to keep the car battery useful for long periods from excessive cold.
  • A specific charger must be used to charge the car battery. Also, the car battery should be protected from overcharging. Because overcharging reduces battery life.
  • Also, wet lead-acid car battery electrolyte level, battery case, voltage, etc. must be monitored.

Best Car Battery Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for February, 2024

Car Battery Model Price in BD
Hamko NS60L Car Battery ৳ 6,800
Hamko PCV 29 Plate Bus Battery ৳ 19,600
Hamko Popular PCV 21 Plate Bus Battery ৳ 14,000
Hamko NS70 Car Battery ৳ 8,800
Hamko NS60L-MF 18M Silva Car Battery ৳ 8,500
Hamko NX120-7 Lead Acid Battery ৳ 11,300
Hamko Popular PCV 27 Plate Bus / Truck Battery ৳ 17,800
Hamko Popular PCV17 12V Battery ৳ 13,300
Lucas Ultima SMF N50ZL Battery ৳ 11,970
Lucas Ultima SMF NX120-7L Battery ৳ 14,845