Rahimafrooz Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Rahimafrooz Battery Buying in Bangladesh

Rahimafrooz Battery is one of the products of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited which is the leading battery supplier in Bangladesh. Due to the advanced feature and durability of the Rahimafrooz battery, its popularity has increased at a great rate worldwide, including in Bangladesh. Rahimafrooz Ltd. company supplies around 200 types of batteries for electric devices such as IPS, solar systems, motorcycles, cars, etc. to the global market including Bangladesh. Moreover, Rahimafrooz battery of various capacity is available in Bangladesh at affordable price.

What is the price of Rahimafrooz Battery?

Rahimafrooz battery price is determined based on its type, capacity, and quality. Currently, Rahimafrooz battery price in Bangladesh is TK 18,500 which is a 100 amp battery and suitable for use with a car or IPS. Also, Rahimafrooz IPS battery price in Bangladesh is relatively affordable. Besides, Rahimafrooz IPS battery is available in different capacities including 120-ampere, 150-ampere, and 200-ampere.

What is the specialty of Rahimafrooz battery?

Due to the special features of Rahimafrooz battery, it is at the top of the demand of battery users in Bangladesh. Rahimafrooz battery is discussed in detail:

1. High Quality: Rahimafrooz battery is made with advanced materials, resulting in higher charge-holding capacity. Rahimafrooz battery usually last for a long time due to its high quality.

2. Maintenance: Rahimafrooz battery is generally sealed maintenance type. As a result, both time and labor is saved in terms of battery maintenance. Moreover, Rahimafrooz battery is made by dry cell so its discharge rate is comparatively less.

3. Latest Technology: Rahimafrooz battery is made with the latest technology thus compatibility with loaded electric devices.

4. Warranty: Rahimafrooz battery comes with a limited warranty period depending on the battery model and capacity. As a result, if there is any kind of problem with the Rahimafrooz battery within the specified warranty period, it is replaced or serviced by the company free of cost. Moreover, Rahimafrooz battery come with a service or replacement warranty of at least 1.5 years.

Moreover, specially in Bangladesh Rahimafrooz battery is used at a higher rate with IPS.