Hamko Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Hamko Battery Buying in Bangladesh

Hamko Group is currently the largest battery supplier in Bangladesh. Hamko brand offers different types of batteries for IPS, solar systems, cars, trucks, bikes, and generators. Moreover, Hamko batteries are available at relatively low prices, thus gaining great popularity among battery users in Bangladesh.

What is the price of Hamko battery in Bangladesh?

Currently, Hamko battery prices vary based on type, capacity, and built technology. Hamko battery price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1250 which is a 5 amp bike battery. Hamko IPS battery prices start from TK 8,500 which is 60 amp battery. On the other hand, the price of Hamko solar battery starts from TK 10,500 which is usually a battery of 55-ampere capacity. Also, Hamko battery prices tend to increase as capacity increases.

Why use Hamko battery?

Hamko battery is manufactured using advanced technology. As a result, the battery of this brand can be used for a relatively long time. Details about the special features of Hamko batteries:

Maintenance: Hamko batteries are manufactured using maintenance-free wet-lead-acid technology so maintenance is not required. On the other hand, because Hamko battery is made of wet-lead-acid technology, these can be used for a relatively long time. However, from time to time, open the top cap of the battery and observe whether the amount of acid has reduced. If the acid level decreases then the acid must be replenished.

Heavy-Duty Performance: Hamko battery can handle heavy loads. And, battery performance is not reduced due to excessive load. Moreover, Hamko battery can be used continuously for a long time.

Warranty: Depending on the capacity and manufacturing technology of Hamko battery, servicing warranty or replacement warranty is provided for a specified period. As a result, if there is any kind of problem with the battery within a certain period of time, servicing is done by the company or the battery is replaced as per the warranty. Specially Hamko IPS battery come with 18 months servicing warranty or replacement warranty.

Capacity: Hamko batteries of different capacities are available in Bangladesh from 5 amps to 200 amps as per requirement.

Charge Capacity: Charge capacity of Hamko batteries is relatively high. As a result, the battery is not damaged even if it is not charged for a long time. However, the Hamko battery should not be completely discharged.

Backup Time: Hamko battery takes less time to charge and provides longer backup time. As a result, Hamko battery is suitable for any task.