UPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Ups Battery Buying in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, most of the UPSs usually have a battery attached to them, but later, in many cases, the UPS battery has to be purchased separately. UPS battery is most important nowadays because in this modern age it helps to run the electricity for a certain period of time in computers or other electronic devices. Many times the useful work is blocked for load shedding but if the UPS battery is charged, electronic devices can be used with it.

How many types of UPS batteries are available in BD?

There are two types of UPS batteries available in BD. These are:

  • Dry cell battery and
  • Lead acid or wet battery

How do dry cell batteries work and what are their benefits?

Dry cell UPS batteries usually store their charge and use a special type of valve to control the flow of electricity from the battery. Now let's know some special advantages of dry cell battery:

  • Dry cell battery can be easily operated in any position.
  • Dry cell batteries are not heavy in weight. So it is very easy to carry.
  • These batteries are very powerful. 
  • Dry cell batteries provide longer battery backup than secondary batteries.
  • Dry cell batteries have no maintenance cost.

What are the maintenance procedures for lead acid or wet batteries?

Maintenance of lead acid or wet batteries is very important. But there are some processes for maintenance. These are:

  • Water and acid must be added periodically to maintain optimum levels for better battery performance.
  • Lead acid or wet cell batteries generally require their electrolyte levels to be checked at least once every three months.
  • Cables should be kept clean at all times. If it wears out, it needs to be replaced quickly.
  • Always watch for any unusual signs of bubbles or gas.
  • Lead acid or wet batteries should be thoroughly inspected at least once per year. In Bangladesh especially in spring before summer when the temperature is warmest.

How to buy UPS battery compatible with UPS?

If the UPS battery is not compatible with the device, then the UPS battery will never work. So if you know the following things you can buy UPS battery compatible with UPS:


Before buying a UPS battery, you need to know what type of battery your UPS machine supports otherwise it may not work. And by knowing the capacity of the UPS machine, you can determine how many devices will be powered by it.
Battery Power:

Battery power refers to how many volts the battery will charge and deliver power. The UPS battery should be chosen by matching the power input of the UPS to the power output of the battery. Failure to comply may cause damage to the UPS and render the UPS unusable.


The next step is to find out how many amperes the UPS battery is. Because the higher the battery amperage, the more backup will be available. UPS batteries should be purchased based on how long the backup is needed. A higher ampere battery is better to avoid the risk even though the price is a bit higher.

What is the price of UPS battery in BD?

UPS battery price in BD is 900 Taka which provides power at 7.5 ampere 12 volt. There are also different types of UPS batteries available in Bangladesh. Also, its cost depends on whether it is lead-acid or dry-cell. Moreover, there are other factors that play a role in determining the price such as its amperage, power, brand, etc. However, high capacity UPS batteries can cost Tk 30,000 or more.

What to do to keep the UPS battery good?

Knowing a few things will help keep the UPS battery in good condition. If the UPS battery is good then you don't have to spend the cost of changing the battery again and again. The battery can be kept well if the following things are known:

  • First of all keeping the battery clean is important. Dust, sand or other dirt should be cleaned from around the battery terminals with a damp cloth or dry rag. Avoid using harsh chemicals or anything that could damage the plastic coating of the battery. Otherwise, the UPS battery may be depleted more quickly.
  • Battery temperature should be kept stable urgently. UPS batteries need to be stored in a cool and dry environment. Most UPS batteries should be kept at the recommended 15 degrees Celsius. Freezing temperatures should be avoided. Care should be taken to ensure that these batteries do not overheat in any way. Keep the UPS battery away from anything that can heat up the battery for longer battery life.
  • Care should be taken to avoid short circuit. It is important to avoid all contact between the UPS battery terminals and other metal objects. Many times the points of the multiplug are loose and when the battery is plugged in for charging it sparks which is the main source of short circuit. So multiplugs with loose points should be avoided. If necessary, it is safer to discard the old multiplug and buy a new multiplug.
  • Avoid charging the UPS battery while the voltage is going up and down. The plug must be unplugged from the electrical connection or the UPS battery can be seriously damaged.
  • It is best to keep the UPS battery in a re-charging state after the electrical connection is made. Not keeping the battery running increases the possibility of battery performance degradation.

Best UPS Battery Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

UPS Battery Model Price
Kenson KS12-7.5 12V 7.5AH / 20HR UPS Battery ৳ 1,650
Hamko HPD-200T Tubular IPS Battery ৳ 27,000
Kenson KS12-100AH 12V SMF Battery ৳ 20,000