Solar Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Solar Battery Buying in Bangladesh

Solar battery is a type of storage unit that captures the energy generated by solar panels. This type of battery is used along with solar panels where there is no power supply system or in areas prone to high load shedding, especially rural areas. The use of solar battery saves electricity bills. Popular brand of solar battery including Hamco, Rimso, Walton, Rahim Afroz, and Saif Power is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Type of Solar Battery

Different type of solar battery is available according to energy storage needs in Bangladesh, providing reliable and sustainable power solutions. At present, significant solar battery is

Lead-Acid Solar Battery: The most common battery used with solar panels in Bangladesh is the lead-acid solar battery. This type of solar battery is available at low price in Bangladesh and is suitable for long-term use. Moreover, lead-acid solar battery are generally of two types,  that are known as wet lead-acid solar battery and sealed solar battery.

Lithium-Ion Solar Battery: Lithium-Ion solar battery provides high energy density and guarantees long-lasting use. Lithium-ion solar battery is available at affordable price in Bangladesh. This type of solar battery is lightweight, compact in size, and has high charge/discharge capacity. Lithium-ion solar battery is suitable for use with both residential and commercial solar panel systems.

Tubular Solar Battery: This type of solar battery is usually made up of wet lead acid which ensures better performance and longer usage. Tubular solar battery is made of high capacity. This type of solar battery can be used safely for several years with regular maintenance. The price of tubular battery is relatively high in Bangladesh.

Advantage of using solar battery

1. Solar battery provides uninterrupted power. This is because such battery store excess energy from solar energy when not in use, which can be used later.

2. The up and down voltage is very less when using electricity from solar battery in homes or businesses, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

3. Using solar battery does not require carbon-emitting energy. As a result, there is no adverse impact on the environment.

4. Due to advanced technology, solar battery do not require regular maintenance like other power supply systems.

5. Moreover, the use of solar battery does not incur any additional costs like electricity bills.

Solar Battery Price

Solar battery price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on brand, model, quality, and battery capacity, among other factors. The price of solar battery in Bangladesh usually starts from Tk 1200, which is a small-size sealed solar battery with a capacity of 4.25 ampere. This type of battery is commonly used in electronic toys, and emergency and security systems. Lead-acid type solar battery of 30 ampere to 55 ampere capacity is available between Tk 6,000-9,000. Also,  130 amp to 200 amp solar battery is available in Bangladesh, and price starts from Tk 19,000.

How to maintain solar battery?

  • The connection of the solar panel to the solar battery should be checked periodically.
  • The solar battery should be kept clean from dust, sand, or dirt. However, a battery terminal cleaner brush should be used for cleaning such batteries.
  • Appropriate fuses, disconnecting switches, and grounding must be used to avoid hazards during solar battery charging.
  • Battery performance should be monitored along with regular usage.
  • Extreme temperatures such as heat and cold affect battery performance and lifespan. So the solar battery should be set up in a suitable place to protect it from extreme weather.

Best Solar Battery Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best solar battery list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best solar battery list has been created based on the interest for solar battery buyers of BD Stall.

Solar Battery Model Price in BD
Hamko 130AH Solar Battery ৳ 21,500
Rimso 6 RBT 200AH Tubular Solar IPS Battery ৳ 22,000
DJDC 5kW 48V 100Ah Power Wall Lithium Battery ৳ 165,000
DJDC 10kW 48V 200Ah Lithium Ion Battery ৳ 297,000
DJDC LiFePO4 24V 100Ah 3kW Lithium Battery ৳ 90,000
Dongjin Power LifePO4 12V, 150Ah Li-ion Solar Battery ৳ 32,900
Dongjin Power LifePO4 12V 200Ah Solar Battery ৳ 44,000
Dongjin Power LifePO4 12V, 100Ah Li-ion Solar Battery ৳ 23,000
Volvo Solar 100AH Tubular Plate Battery ৳ 13,950
Volvo Solar 130AH Tubular Plate Battery ৳ 18,300