Bike Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Bike Battery Buying in Bangladesh

With the improvement in living standards, bike is the most popular vehicle in Bangladesh for daily commuting. And the bike battery plays an important role in ensuring reliable performance along with smooth operation of the bike. Bike battery is also commonly known as motorbike battery or motorcycle battery. Also, the bike battery supplies the electrical power needed to start the engine and electrical systems of electric bikes, and e-bikes. Currently, along with popular brands like Lucas, Shiga, Hamco, Amaron, Amco, and Yuasa, bike battery is manufactured locally in Bangladesh. As a result, motorcycle battery is available at low price in Bangladesh.

What kind of Bike Battery is available in Bangladesh?

Wet lead-acid bike battery and sealed bike battery is commonly used in Bangladesh. However, Seal motorcycle battery is most popular in Bangladesh due to their hassle-free maintenance along with advanced technology. Such a battery is sealed and does not require refueling. Besides, the motorbike can be set up in any position either upright or tilted. Currently, lithium-ion battery suitable for use in motorcycle is also available in the Bangladesh market, which is made with advanced technology, small in size, light in weight, and long-lasting. However, the price of this type of electric bike battery is relatively high.

Is Bike Battery power output more or less depending on amps and volts?

The power output of a motorcycle battery is measured in amperes and volts. Ampere basically measures the flow of current, while volt measures electrical stress or potential difference. Battery power output is measured basically by multiplying volts by amperes. Also, the higher the ampere or volts, the higher the power output of the bike battery. Hence, both amperage and volts must be considered when buying a bike battery. Then, a sufficient power supply will be available for riding the electric bike as per the requirement.

Benefit of using Bike Battery

1. Bike battery usually supplies power for starting the motorcycle engine.

2. Provides power to provide light to motorbike headlights to provide normal riding comfort at night.

3. Also, the motorcycle engine provides electrical power to the ignition system during cranking.

4. The bike battery acts as a voltage stabilizer in case of charge fluctuations due to the use of electric power in the Easy Bike.

5. Electric bike supports safety systems and ECU memories when the ignition is off.

Bike Battery Price

Bike battery price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 700 which is manufactured with Korean standard technology and is suitable for use in small children's bike. Currently, bike battery price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, model, battery type, power capacity, and quality. Also, 12-volt motorcycle battery is available between Tk 900 and Tk 2,500 in Bangladesh. However, bike battery cost less or more for more or less amperage, even if the volt is the same. Bike battery suitable for use on easy bike starts at Tk 15,000.

How to choose a Bike Battery for any bike?

Popular brands of bike battery is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh for almost all brands of motorcycles including TVS, Pulsar, Honda, and Yamaha Gixxer. However, one must check the CC limit of the engine, power output, and ride duration while buying a bike battery. Moreover, before buying an electric bike battery, it is better to check the quality and performance. As a result, sufficient power output will be available for later motorbike riding.

Precaution in using Bike Battery

  • Easy bike and regular bike battery are usually not the same as well as the power capacity is different. So before buying a bike battery, you must check the battery type and power capacity.
  • Motorcycle battery is available at low price than easy bike or electric bike battery. Therefore, before buying a bike battery, one must check the power capacity as well as the price. As a result, proper power benefits can be obtained in motorbike usage.
  • Apart from servicing the motorcycle, the motorbike battery should be checked at least once a month, so that the power supply can be provided for a long period.
  • Also, other parts connected to the bike battery should be checked for rust.
  • When cleaning the motorcycle, the bike battery must be kept safe from water.
  • Also, if the headlight is more powerful in the motorbike, the headlight must be turned off when starting the bike shelf. As a result, the stress on the bike battery will be much less and it will last longer.