IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

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Ips Battery Buying in Bangladesh

Currently, IPS is very popular to solve the problem of load shedding. The main part of the IPS is the battery which stores the electrical energy so that it can be used later. Currently Hemco, Luminous, RahimAfroz, Sukam, and other brands of IPS batteries are available in Bangladesh. Moreover, you can get any brand of IPS battery from Bdstall at low price.

How many types of IPS battery available in Bangladesh?

Basically, two types of battery are available in Bangladesh based on the built technology of IPS batteries. A brief discussion about IPS battery is as follows:

Wet-Lead-Acid IPS Battery: Wet-Lead-Acid battery work primarily through a liquid electrolyte solution. Wet-lead-acid IPS batteries are manufactured using ancient technology. These batteries are relatively cheap. However, wet-lead-acid batteries require frequent maintenance. And, properly maintained wet-lead-acid IPS batteries can last for a long time. Also, maintenance-free lead-acid IPS batteries are available.

Sealed Lead-Acid IPS Battery: Sealed lead-acid IPS batteries are commonly called valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. These batteries are manufactured using Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and gel type technology. Sealed lead-acid IPS batteries operate reliably at relatively high temperatures. And, these batteries can be set at any angle. Also, sealed lead-acid IPS batteries are also known as dry cell batteries. These batteries are relatively expensive but are suitable for long-term use. Moreover, the discharge rate of dry cell batteries is relatively low, so the demand for these in Bangladesh is constantly increasing.

How many ampere IPS battery to buy?

At present, IPS is used to deal with load-shedding problems in various institutions including homes, educational institutions, and offices. Depending on the requirement, the battery should be selected according to the IPS. However, before purchasing the battery, select the IPS inverter of specific wattage capacity as per the requirement. Currently, IPS inverters of different capacities are available in Bangladesh according to demand. However, for home use, at least a 500 to 600-watt IPS inverter will be required with 3 to 4 standard ceiling fans and 6 to 7 lights using a 100 amp battery.

How many ampere of battery needed with how many watts of IPS?

IPS basically stores electrical energy or charge in batteries. Depending on the capacity of the IPS inverter, the maximum power output is determined in watts. However, an electrical device with less than 20 percent of the capacity of the IPS inverter should be used. And, battery ampere should be selected in proportion to how much wattage power is required and how long the backup is required. In this case, there is no obligation to use batteries of specific ampere with IPS of specific capacity. Currently, 60 ampere, 65 ampere, 70 ampere, 80 ampere, 100 ampere, 120 ampere, 125 ampere, 130 ampere, 135 ampere, 150 ampere, 180 ampere, and 200 ampere IPS batteries are available in Bangladesh.

What is the price of IPS battery in Bangladesh?

Currently, IPS battery price in Bangladesh starts from TK 8,500 to TK 9,000 depending on battery type, brand, and battery ampere. 100 ampere IPS batteries are available between TK 12,000 to TK 14,000. The price of a 150 amp IPS battery ranges from TK 18,000 to TK 20,000. And, depending on the battery type, 200 amp IPS batteries are available between TK 24,000 and TK 31,000.

How to keep IPS battery well?

Here are some tips to keep the IPS battery in good condition:

  • IPS batteries must be used at a certain ampere load to keep these healthy. Because using excessive ampere loads will discharge prematurely, resulting in IPS batteries being destroyed within a couple of years.
  • It should be noted whether the IPS is providing backup according to the battery discharge time. If the charge ends in a short time then use it at a low load.
  • It is better to use two batteries of the same ampere for higher ampere loads. So, the battery can be used for a long time.
  • Better quality IPS inverter should be used. And, IPS inverter should be selected considering whether it can provide power output as per requirement.
  • Use with IPS inverters must use appropriate IPS batteries.

Best IPS Battery Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

IPS Battery Model Price in BD
Luminous 200Ah Tubular IPS Battery ৳ 25,500
Hamko HPD 200TB Tall Tubular IPS Battery ৳ 32,000
Volvo IPS Battery 200 AH Capacity ৳ 22,300
Hamko HPD-200T 200AH IPS Battery ৳ 27,000
Battery Water Level Checker Indicator ৳ 500
Hamko HPD 80AH IPS Battery ৳ 11,500
Hamko 165AH IPS Battery ৳ 20,500
Lucas Appliance AP-150 Battery ৳ 20,800
Rahimafrooz IPB-200 IPS Battery ৳ 27,000
Hamko HPD-215 IPS Battery ৳ 26,000