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Rimso 6RBT 150AH Tubular IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

Full Specification

Model ✅ 6RBT 150AH
ID 76868
Lowest Price ৳ 16,500
Item Battery
Status Sold Out
Updated 4 days ago
Seller Location Bangladesh
Usage IPS
Voltage 12 Volt
Capacity 150AH
Charging Time 8 Hours
Cycle Use Tubular positive plate with prolonged cycle life
Maintenance Wet Lead-Acid

Extra Features

  • 27-plate
  • Maintenance is easy and simple
  • Charge capacity is high
  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Usage instructions
    • Avoid completely draining the battery to get long time service
    • Repeat after each discharge and ensure adequate charge
    • Never leave the battery unused for long periods of time
    • Ensure proper connection of solar and machine with battery
    • Under no circumstances should you try to sort out positive and negative terminals
    • Check battery water regularly
    • Use good quality de-mineralized water
    • Never use acid or plain drinking water


Rimso 6RBT 150AH Tubular IPS battery is made with cylindrical thick plates so that it provides long-time support. It is designed to meet the requirements of deep discharge operation. This battery is compatible with IPS, UPS, and Solar IPS. It comes with 27 plates that don't need to be maintained.

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