Cummins Generator Price in Bangladesh

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Cummins Generator Buying in Bangladesh

Cummins generator basically provides reliable power backup solutions. This brand of generator is manufactured by Cummins Inc. which is a popular American power supply engine manufacturing, filtration system design, and distribution company. Cummins brand has gained popularity by supplying advanced technology, and efficient generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply at affordable cost in Bangladesh to residential, commercial establishments, and industrial factories in daily power outages.

Why Cummins Generator is better?

1. Cummins generator combines powerful engines and advanced technology to deliver reliable and stable power output as per demand.

2. This brand of generator reduces fuel consumption by supplying efficient fuel, which in turn reduces the overall generator operating cost for supplying electricity to customers.

3. Cummins generator has a maximum capacity of 250 liters fuel tank, which can supply uninterrupted power for about 8-10 hours.

4. Moreover, almost all generator of Cummins brand is equipped with advanced features like a digital controller with 1500 rpm speed, 4-cylinder turbo engine, a dynamo battery system, a remote start / electric start, and an automatic transfer switch plug, which ensures long-lasting use.

5. Some Cummins generator has a liquid-type cooling engine, which supplies liquid coolant to the generator's engine block to maintain an uninterrupted power supply.

6. Canopy is available with almost all Cummins generator. As a result, the use of generator of this brand is much less noisy.

7. Cummins generator has an automatic voltage regulator, which regulates the voltage up and down to provide a reliable power supply to the generator.

8. Also, Cummins generator has an output voltage of 230-440 volts and is equipped with a 3-phase power output system, which supplies power in three separate wires.

9. A wide range of Cummins brand generator in various sizes and power outputs that is suitable for small residential to large scale industrial use which is available at a low price in the popular online marketplace

10. The use of Cummins generator results in very low gas emissions, which minimizes the impact on air quality and reduces the risk to the environment.

How much does Cummins Generator cost?

Cummins generator price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 880,000, typically with an output power of 40kVA, suitable for power supply to homes, small offices, and other small-scale locations. Moreover, Cummins generator price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the power output, generator type, control system, Canopy, and other features. Cummins generator suitable for use in industrial areas is available on a budget of Tk 2,300,000 to Tk 5,400,000. Also, Cummins generator with 1,000 kVA to 2,000 kVA output power starts at Tk 9,800,000.