Ricardo Generator Price in Bangladesh

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Ricardo Generator Buying in Bangladesh

Ricardo is a popular generator brand for power generation. Generator of this brand basically provide reliable and efficient power solutions. Moreover, Ricardo generator has gained wide popularity in Bangladesh due to its efficient fuel, powerful design, and advanced engine technology, as well as effectively solving electricity problems at affordable cost in homes, offices, business establishments, or other institutions.

Why buy Ricardo Generator?

1. Ricardo generator is essentially fuel efficient, resulting in high power output at low cost. Using this generator brand, you can get about 8-10 hours of uninterrupted power once you load the fuel.

2. Built with high-quality materials in a robust design, Ricardo generator consistently delivers power even under tough operating conditions.

3. Ricardo generator is usually made up of advanced engines like 4-cylinder, 4-stroke fuel engines, and turbo diesel engines, so it supplies electricity continuously without any trouble.

4. Moreover, the Ricardo engine complies with strict emission standards, with low noise and vibration levels to operate smoothly and reliably.

5. From residential to commercial or industrial use, a wide range of rechargeable generator is available at affordable price. 30-40 KVA Ricardo generator suitable for use in homes, small offices, and businesses is very popular and affordable in Bangladesh.

6. Ricardo generator has a built-in automatic voltage regulator, which ensures a reliable power supply with the generator.

7. Ricardo generator has an output voltage of 230-440 volts and is equipped with a 3-phase power output system, and dynamo battery charging technology, which ensures consistent power supply.

8. Also, Ricardo generator is equipped with advanced technology including a digital control panel, 1500 rpm speed, brushless alternator Stamford, digital controller, and electric start technology for ease of operation.

How much does the Ricardo Generator cost?

Ricardo generator price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 385,000, typically with 30kVA output power, suitable for power supply to homes, super shops, and small-scale industrial areas. Moreover, Ricardo generator price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the power output, generator type, control system, Canopy, country variant, and other features. Suitable for industrial factories, corporate offices, and industrial areas, Ricardo generator is available on a budget of Tk 750,000 to Tk 1,100,000. Also, Ricardo generator with 250 kVA to 400 kVA output power starts at Tk 1,350,000.