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ROHS Motor 12V Full Set Water Pump Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 799


1 x diaphragm water pump
DC 12V high pressure motor
6a Amps
70 watt rated power
0.90 MPA MAX 130PSI pressure
6L / min 6.0 Liter per minute flow capacity

Full Specification

ID 54611
Lowest Price ৳ 799
Item Water Pump
Status In Stock
Updated 2 months ago
Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Pump Type Submersible


Just by 1 bucket of water you can wash anyting and save money, powerful automatic pressure pump has flow reaction technology which is highly reliable with fast water outlet, self priming, thermal protection, smooth operation, long time continuous load operation, safe and durable, suitable for vehicle cleaning, agricultural spraying, artificial fogging, pipeline pressurization, air conditioning cleaning, cooling, coal metallurgy and garden spraying.

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