Coffee Maker

4 coffee maker
৳ 32,500
2 months ago
Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine

Nescafe coffee vending machine. Water Source: 20 Ltrs mineral water jar is to be placed on top of the vending machine...

৳ 29,000
3 days ago
Nescafe Double Option 2-Canister Coffee Vending Machine

Nescafe double option coffee vending machine has 20-liter mineral jar water source, 2 beverage options, 2 canisters, 6...

৳ 25,000
3 days ago
Nescafe Sprectra 2 Babul Top Tea Coffee Auto Vending Machine

Nescafe sprectra 2 babul top tea coffee vending machine has 1.2 kg canister capacity, 2.5 liters water tank capacity - ...

৳ 15,000
3 days ago
Nescafe Single Option One Lane Coffee Vending Machine

Nescafe single option coffee vending machine has one lane option, auto digital micro processor, 5 to 7-cup per limit...