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MXQ-4K 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Android 4.4 Wi-Fi

MXQ-4K android smart TV box has quad core cortex A7, mali 400MP

Price: ৳ 2,395 Taka

X96 4K Android 6.0 Smart TV Box 2GB RAM 16GB

X96 4K android smart TV box android 6.0 marshmallow operating

Price: ৳ 3,795 Taka

Carrier MSBC18HBT 1.5 Ton 18000BTU Split Air

Carrier 1.5 ton split air conditioner has 18000BTU capacity, 180

Price: ৳ 38,000 Taka

Speed Data YG-300 Lightweight Multimedia

Speed data YG-300 lightweight multimedia projector has native 100

Price: ৳ 4,500 Taka

General Split 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner (A/C)

General 1.5 Ton Split A/C. Capacity:18000 BTU/Hr.

Price: ৳ 85,000 Taka

Toshiba e-Studio 2309A Multi-function

Toshiba e-studio 2309A monochrome multi-function digital copier

Price: ৳ 68,000 Taka

LED 96+ Wi-Fi 2800 Lumens Android OS 3D LED

LED 96+ 3D projector has built in android operating system, wi-fi,

Price: ৳ 25,999 Taka

Vivibright GP70UP 1200 Lumen Android WiFi 3D

Vivibright GP70UP projector has built in Android 4.4 operating

Price: ৳ 13,699 Taka

HD23 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Wi-Fi Android Smart TV

HD23 smart TV box has Allwinner A-10 quad core cortex-A8, mali 400

Price: ৳ 3,995 Taka

Toshiba e-Studio 2303AM Digital MFP A3

Toshiba e-studio 2303AM digital MFP compact lightweight A3 copier

Price: ৳ 48,000 Taka

Toshiba E-Stuido 4508A 45PPM Monochrome

Toshiba e-studio 4508A monochrome copier machine has 2400 x 600

Price: ৳ 305,000 Taka

Toshiba E-Stuido 2508A 25PPM Monochrome

Toshiba e-stuido 2508A monochrome copier machine has print and

Price: ৳ 145,000 Taka

Professional Compact LED Projector 2000

Professional compact projector RD-803 has LED projection, 2000

Price: ৳ 15,450 Taka

ViviBright GP70 Mini LED 1200 Lumens 3D TV

ViviBright SimpleBeamer GP70 mini LED projector has real 1200

Price: ৳ 11,000 Taka

Toshiba E-Stuido 3008A 30PPM 2400dpi

Toshiba e-studio 3008A monochrome copier machine has 2400 x 600

Price: ৳ 160,000 Taka

Dhaka to Cox's Bazaar Return Air Ticket by

Dhaka to Cox's Bazaar return air ticket fare by US-Bangla Airlines

Price: ৳ 4,300 Taka

Zymak ZP1200G LED Portable 3D Projector 1200

Zymak ZP1200G professional mini LED projector has 1200 lumens

Price: ৳ 9,999 Taka

Toshiba Copier e-Studio 2303A MFP Digital

Toshiba photocopier e-Studio 2303A compact lightweight digital

Price: ৳ 43,000 Taka

Toshiba E-Stuido 2508A B&W Multifunction

Toshiba e-stuido 2508A black and white multifunction copier

Price: ৳ 145,000 Taka

Large Wall Clock 55" x 55" Home and Office

Large wall clock 55" x 55" for home and office decoration,

Price: ৳ 1,500 Taka

X96 4K Android 6.0 Smart TV Box 1GB RAM 8GB

X96 4K android smart TV box has android 6.0 marshmallow operating

Price: ৳ 2,995 Taka

MXQ Pro 4K Quad Core 8GB Memory WiFi Android

MXQ PRO 4K android smart TV box media player has quad core 2 GHz

Price: ৳ 2,595 Taka

Sleep Time Standard Re-Bonded Foam Mattress

:Apex Husain
৳ 5,525
last updated
moment ago

Sager SA1808 Multiple Languages Barcode Scanner

:Digital Mart
:Barcode Scanner
৳ 2,500
last updated
moment ago

Epson Impact Printer Dot-Matrix LQ310 Narrow Carriage 24-Pin

:Epson Dot Matrix Printer
৳ 16,000
last updated
4 hours ago
৳ 120,000
last updated
3 days ago

Pantone TN Nylon Bright Color Book

:Best Trims
:Color Guide
৳ 13,500
last updated
1 day ago

Panasonic MC-CG520 Variable Control 1400W Vacuum Cleaner

:Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner
৳ 11,000
last updated
5 hours ago

Siemens TOUCHING Behind-the-Ear Digital Hearing Aid

:Hearing Rehab Center
:Siemens Hearing Aid
৳ 9,500
last updated
22 hours ago

Carrier 12CNS024 1 Ton Energy Saving Split Air Conditioner

:Power Electronics
:Carrier Air Conditioner
৳ 35,000
last updated
19 hours ago

UK Perkins 50 KVA 3-Line Cylinder 8.2L/Hr Diesel Generator

:Energy System Company
৳ 1,080,000
last updated
5 days ago
৳ 21,000
last updated
3 days ago