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Prolink 650VA UPS

Item ID : 8578
Last updated : 1 day ago
Item : Prolink UPS
Price : 2,570
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Prolink PRO700 650VA UPS with 12V/8.2AH battery.

Product Feature

Voltage Range 180v - 240v
Output Power 240v
Surge Protection Yes
Charging Time 8 Hours
Backup Time 20 Minutes
Port AC
Audio Alarm Yes

Product Warranty

This product prolink pro700 ups comes with 1 year warranty.

4,950 Taka
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80,000 Taka
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AR Technologies Ltd.

Mirpur 10, Shah Ali Plaza, 5th Floor Shop No. 75,81 Dhaka-1216

Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Contact: Habib Ahmed


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