Paper Shredder

51 paper shredder
৳ 12,500
2 days ago
Jinpex JP-610C 10 Sheets A4 Office Paper Shredder Machine

Jinpex JP-610C office paper shredder machine has 22-liter waste bin, 2.5 m/min auto start and stop, reverse, overheat,...

৳ 39,500
17 days ago
Jinpex JP-860C Portable 25 Sheet Paper Shredder Machine

Jinpex JP-860C havy duty portable paper shredder machine has transparent paper shredder window, paper entry width...

৳ 13,500
9 days ago
Deli 9904 Powerful LCD Dynamic Cross Cut 20L Paper Shredder

Deli 9904 paper shredder has powerful shredding ability can shred 8 pages at a time, LCD dynamic state, waste bin...

৳ 14,500
2 days ago
Lexin JP630C Cross Cut 12 Sheet Capacity Paper Shredder

Lexin JP630C paper shredder has cross cut, suitable for busy offices and corporate houses, shredder mouth 4 x 50 mm,...

৳ 16,500
17 days ago
Deli 9911 Paper Shredder Cross Cut Machine 8 Sheets 230MM

Deli 9911 electronic paper shredder machine has 8 sheets shredding capacity, power supply AC220/ 50Hz, shredding speed...

৳ 18,000
2 days ago
Ofitech OS1001D 25 Sheet Capacity Paper Shredder Machine

Ofitech OS1001D professional paper shredder machine has 25 liter shred capacity, 4 × 38 mm cutting size, bin capacity...

৳ 11,000
13 days ago
GBC DUO Desktop Paper / CD / Credit Card Shredder

GBC DUO desktop shredder has CD shredding capability in separate CD slot, shred 11 sheets in one pass, 4 x 45mm cross...

৳ 25,000
2 days ago
Jinpex JP-840C Hi-Speed 20 Sheet Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Jinpex JP-840C heavy duty paper shredder machine has 20 sheets capacity, LCD display, 4 x 40mm paper shredder cut size,...

৳ 7,000
9 days ago
Baizan 7439 Continuous 7 Min Working Office Paper Shredder

Baizan 7439 office paper shredder has 10 sheets shredding capacity, 7 minutes continuous paper shredder working time,...

৳ 25,500
12 days ago
Jinpex JP-830C High Security Paper Shredder Machine

Jinpex JP-830C high security paper shredder machine has P5 security level, 3 m/min rated speed, 20 min duty cycle,...