Textile Accessories

81 textile accessories
৳ 750
11 days ago
Ear Muff

Ear muff made in china.

৳ 550
2 hours ago
Safety Helmet

Plastic Made Safety Helmet for construction, factory, workshop, fire fighting etc.

৳ 2,240
3 days ago
Graden Prong Ring Snaps 13L for Garments and Textile

Graden prong ring snaps 13L for Garments and Textile.

৳ 75
3 days ago
Textile Permanent Marker Classic

origin-india weight-65gm minimum order-50 pcs delivery within one day confirm the order

৳ 45,000
11 days ago
Shrinkage Scale (Local)

Shrinkage Scale(Local)25cm x 25cm: To determine directly the % dimensional change (shrinkage) in all types of fabrics....

৳ 12,000
6 hours ago
TPR Marabu Pad Printing Ink

TPR marabu pad printing ink has high opacity on colored and dark materials, very good resistance to washing and ironing.

৳ 2,800
12 days ago
SDC Rubbing Fabric

Brand: SDC Made in England Quantity: 500pcs Terms & condition: Delivery: Within one day from the date of confirmed...

৳ 450
28 days ago
Dust Filter

Dust filter for industry.

৳ 10,500
1 hour ago
Sysbel Universal 16.5 Gallon Portable Spill Kit

Sysbel universal portable spill kit has 16.5 gallon spill capacity, 50cm x 40cm 25 pcs absorbent pad, 3 pcs absorbent...

৳ 1,125,000
7 days ago
Duperthal Classic Line Flammable Liquid Stroage Cabinet

Duperthal classic line standard 29-201261-041 flammable liquid storage cabinet has single wing door, type 90 minutes...