Water Pump

6 water pump
৳ 4,050
1 month ago
Xpert 12K Micro Processor Based Automatic Pump Controller

Automatic 12K pump controller has micro processor, automatic controller, short circuit protection, overload protection...

৳ 25,000
2 days ago
Submersible Water Pump Machine Three Phase

Submersible water pump machine is ideal for water supply system, pressure boosting, cooling tower, flow / drip /...

৳ 4,550
1 month ago
Xpert 1.2RK Overload Protection Automatic Pump Controller

Xpert 1.2RK automatic pump controller has automatic controller, micro processor, efficient and reliable, minimum...

৳ 52,000
2 days ago
Sabar 5 HP Submersible Water Pump

Sabar 5 HP water pump is ideal for private / public water supply, flow / drip / sprinkler / irrigation, small discharge...

৳ 3,500
6 years ago
WPC1012 Automatic Water Pump Controller

WPC1012 Automatic Water Pump Controller is a microcontroller-based water- level controller-cum-motor protector. It...

৳ 6,000
4 months ago
Fully Automatic Wireless Water Pump Controller

Fully automatic wireless water pump controller has microprocessor control system, up to 100 meters wireless...