Tips for buying a flat at 40% less

April 18, 2022

At present everyone dreams of buying a flat in Bangladesh. As the price of land varies from place to place, it is not possible for one person to buy land and buy a house. Similarly, when it comes to buying a flat, it is difficult for many to buy a flat in a good quality location or the required size due to budget. Let's not know in which way if you buy a flat, you can buy a flat at 20% to 40% lower cost.



Land share

Land Share System (40% savings)

Buying a home based on the purchase of a share-based land can result in a new flat being owned at about 40% off the current market value. Many people interested in shares in a particular place can come together and buy a land share of land and own a flat. It is better to know some rules and regulations when buying land through share method. Among these are:


1. After paying the share price of the land, you can register in your name according to the part of the land.

2. With the share of land you will get 1 car parking space for which you will not have to pay any separate cost.

3. It usually takes 2.5 to 3 years to complete a complete building.

4. There is an opportunity to pay the construction cost of the building step by step.

5. The quality of bricks, sand, stone, cement and rods used in the construction of buildings is monitored.

6. You will have the opportunity to decorate the interior design of the flat to your liking.

7. Flat distribution is usually by lottery. In this case, the owners of the second and top floor shares are given a certain amount of discount through negotiation.

8. You do not need to register your flat separately as the owner of the land.


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Used Flat


By Purchasing Used Apartment (20% savings)

There are many middle class families in Dhaka city, many of whom want to buy their own flat and live there. Many have been unable to afford new flats due to the recent rise in prices. In that case you can buy a used flat at 20% less to realize the dream. Because a used flat is always sold for less than the market price. If you are thinking of buying a flat easily and quickly then buying a used flat will be relatively easy and less expensive for you. The price of the property increases with time so you can sell this flat at a higher price in the future.




New Flat



By Purchasing a New Apartment

Many are keen to buy new flats to enjoy the civic amenities of any area keeping in mind the affordability and demand. If you are ready to buy a new flat, you can buy it in a good way. However, in this case the cost will be a bit higher according to the market price. Here are the things to look for when selecting yours:

1. You can check the land deed in a good way and take it if everything is fine.

2. You need to know if the company from which you are buying the flat or apartment is officially registered.

3. You have to check whether the apartment you are going to buy is built in RAJUK approved design.

4. Before signing the land deed, it is necessary to check whether the written documents of all the legal activities from the construction of the building to the completion of the construction of the flat are correct.


You should check whether the area you want to buy a flat has transportation facilities, civic amenities (hospitals, banks, educational institutions, markets, playgrounds). In case of payment when buying a flat, if you pay cash, you must receive money receipt immediately and you can pay by bank check or pay order. If necessary, you can take the advice of an expert. If you have purchased a flat in installments, you will have to register your flat or share of land as soon as the installment is over.

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