Top 10 Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Accounting software has become an important tool for smoothing the financial transactions of businesses. By using the right accounting software, you can manage financial transactions in small startups, industrial plants, banks, corporate offices, and other business establishments, along with keeping accurate data records. Nowadays, the demand for efficient and user-friendly accounting solutions has increased rapidly along with the technological development As a result, customized accounting software in Bangladesh will be the most helpful tool for your business expansion or any financial decision making. So let's know about 10 popular accounting software in Bangladesh

Top 10 Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Quick Books

Quick Books is popular accounting software in Bangladesh. It is cloud based accounting software, with which you can manage the transactions of small to medium sized businesses. Quick Books enables real-time financial tracking, invoicing, inventory, expense management, and seamless integration with banking and payment gateways. Moreover, it is quite user friendly so you can manage all transaction related matters easily. Currently, Quick Books accounting software has been significantly improved with automated bank reconciliation, and mobile support systems. As a result, you can easily access data with any device connected to the Internet. Also can better track financial transactions in real-time.


Xero is basically a cloud based accounting software, which will help you view and manage financial transactions. It helps in generating invoices, bank reconciliations, expenses and other reports. Moreover, this accounting software has add-ons to help your organization's employees with payroll, text filing and other tasks. Xero accounting software provides various options to perform transactional tasks on multiple devices. You can easily check account balance, graphical view of bank transactions and compile income and expenditure statements easily from the dashboard of this accounting software. Also, using Xero Accounting software you can set up recurring payments for customers as well as set automatic reminders when they are due. Currently, Zero Accounting software can be easily integrated with various third party apps in Bangladesh as well as around the world.

Sage 50

This accounting software is suitable for small to medium sized businesses. It provides very effective accounting solutions, which will give you full control over your business transactions. Sage 50 accounting software is user friendly, and easily configurable. Moreover, this software can be installed in the cloud or on its own server and can be easily used through internet connection. Sage 50 accounting software can be easily integrated with various modules including Payroll, HR, Sage 50 P11D, Manufacturing, Forecasting and CRM. In addition, Customer Billing Details provide you with a secure platform by providing automatic back-up as well as keeping sensitive information like payroll information secure.


Cashflow is basically cloud based accounting software. It is mainly designed for personal or small business use. With this accounting software you can do things like invoicing, expenses and payroll. The biggest advantage of cashflow accounting software is that it offers a wide range of features in one package. It provides a user-friendly interface for all financial transactions, from invoicing and bookkeeping to payment processing and payroll management. You can easily track financial transaction data from the customize dashboard of this accounting software. Also can alert about due date for payment due. Also, many complex accounting issues including direct bank connection, tax calculation tools, multiple currencies can be easily solved by using cash flow accounting software.


FreshBooks is cloud accounting software designed primarily for small companies and freelancers. Easily track invoicing, expenses and time with this accounting software. It basically provides user friendly interface. As a result, you don't need accounting knowledge to operate FreshBooks accounting software. Also, this accounting software includes additional features for bookkeeping, payroll processing and tax filing. As a result, you can easily keep track of all your transactions without an accountant.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books accounting software is suitable for use in small and medium sized companies. This type of accounting software is basically cloud based accounting software. It will help you in invoicing, company expenses and project management very effectively. Moreover, Zoho Books accounting software is mainly designed for small scale companies to manage their capital quickly and efficiently. Also, by using this accounting software you will get an adequate understanding of cash flow by bank reconciliation, automated invoices, and expense tracking. Besides, the unique features of Zoho Books accounting software will help you to establish proper control over your company's capital.


OneUp accounting software plays an effective role in dealing with challenging issues like cost or complexity in scaling businesses. The automation rate of this accounting software is 95 percent. As a result, larger volumes of accounting entries can be easily handled without increasing the administrative burden. It provides two distinct operational modes like “Do-It-For-Me” and “I-Do-It-Myself”. As a result, you can choose your control level according to your needs. In addition, OneUp accounting software is packed with features, including dashboards, invoicing, and CRM, providing a wide range of toolkit to make your business financially profitable. One of the advantages of using this accounting software is that as the business grows, access to accounting remains unhindered.


NetSuite is the most effective accounting software to save time in business. Automation work like journal entries and statement reconciliation can be done with this accounting software. Moreover, you can access almost all features including Profitability Ratio, Cash Positions, Fixed Assets and Tax from a single dashboard of NetSuite accounting software. Moreover, since this accounting software is cloud based, you can easily access the data from any location. It also helps integrate disparate systems like inventory, HR, customer management and e-commerce into a unified platform for financial management. As a result, the use of NetSuite accounting software helps in fulfilling the accounting requirements of the company as well as the overall operational needs.


Vyapar is a large scale accounting software, designed for financial management of small and medium-sized businesses. It is cloud based platform which provides user friendly interface. It also provides various features to help you and financial professionals manage accounts effectively. Moreover, it helps to record and track all financial transactions including purchases, sales, inventory and payments. This accounting software maintains detailed records of income, expenditure, profit and loss along with automatic invoice generation. Also, it works effectively with various payment gateways and inventory management systems. Moreover, Vyapar accounting software being cloud based helps to access financial data from any location through internet connection.

Sunshine Accounting Software

It is a popular accounting software in Bangladesh made with simple user interface. With this accounting software you can create daily financial reports as well as manage invoices, bills, quotations, track expenses, manage inventory. Moreover, with Sunshine Accounting Software, you can easily integrate with ERP, Inventory, POS, CRM, HR and Payroll systems in various corporate offices, industries and other business organizations. Also, this accounting software provides online data auto synchronization facility. As a result, you can easily manage your business from any location as well as increase the scope of the business.


Apart from reviewing the above accounting software, you can also get customized accounting software in Bangladesh as per your needs and requirements. Also, ready made and customized accounting software are available at an affordable price on BD Stall which is popular online marketplace in our country.

This article has been posted on: June 30, 2024
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