Weight Scale

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৳ 550
1 day ago
Electronic Luggage Scale

Ultra compact and light weight design, easy to carry, excellent quality and accurate weight, 50 kg capacity with 10 gm...

৳ 2,730
1 month ago
ADE Baby and Toddler Weighing Scale

ADE baby and toddler weighing scale has a clear weight indication by two red revolving indicator needles, robust and...

৳ 670
1 month ago
Camry Weight Scale Full Metal Body

Camry bathroom scale has full metal body.

৳ 1,100
2 months ago
Camry Mechanical Personal Weight Scale

Camry mechanical personal weight scale has full metal body.

৳ 1,070
2 months ago
Newlife Digital Weight Scale Machine 180 Kg Max Capacity

Newlife digital bathroom scale has glass material and up to 180 kg capacity.

৳ 950
3 months ago
Bathroom Weight Scale 120Kg

Bathroom weight machine has maximum 120kg measuring capacity.

৳ 1,550
3 months ago
Digital Bathroom Scale 150Kg

Digital bathroom weight scale has 150kg measuring capacity.