HDMI Cable Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Hdmi Pc Cable Buying in Bangladesh

High-quality audio and video output is available simultaneously through HDMI cable, so HDMI cable is widely used all over the world, including Bangladesh, as connector cable.

What are the advantages of HDMI cable?

    • Data can be transferred at high speed easily through HDMI cable.
    • HDMI cable can output audio and video simultaneously.
    • HDMI cables output up to 10K video resolution but 4K HDMI cables are more popular.
    • The refresh rate of HDMI cable is relatively high.
    • Nowadays all devices have HDMI port so it is easy to use.
    • Relatively higher frame rates on updated generation HDMI cable.

How to use HDMI?

Audio, video or data output is available by simply plugging the HDMI cable into the input device and the output device. Also, there are no special rules for using HDMI cable. But, operating system may ask permission for some devices. In that case, the permission should be turned on from the setting. If the HDMI cable is used for dual monitor, the Display Extend setting must be turned on from the Display Setting.

Tips for Buying HDMI Cable:

HDMI cable is required for various purposes in Bangladesh. There are a few things to consider before buying an HDMI cable.

  • Not all HDMI cables have the same speed. So, you should definitely buy the HDMI cable based on the speed you need for your work.
  • Check the HDMI cable interface. Most HDMI cables have gold plated interfaces. It is best to buy HDMI cables with gold plated interfaces.
  • Most HDMI cables output from HD to 4K resolution. Hence, one can buy as per requirement as the price difference depends on it somewhat.
  • Should buy by looking at update generation. The higher the generation of the HDMI cable, the better the speed and resolution.

What is the price of HDMI cable in BD?

HDMI cable prices are determined by cable length, generation, plug material, and type. HDMI cables are available in BD between Tk 100 to Tk 4,500. Note that the longer the length of the HDMI cable, the higher the price. Again, the cable length is shorter but the price may be higher due to the updated generation.

Best HDMI PC Cable Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

HDMI PC Cable Model Price in BD
DTech DT-6640C 40-Meter Fiber Optic HDMI Cable ৳ 4,500
Dtech 20-Meter HDMI Cable ৳ 3,100
DTech HDMI to HDMI 10 Meter Cable ৳ 1,150
DTech 5 Meter HDMI to HDMI Cable ৳ 600
Vention AACBL 10M HDMI Cable ৳ 1,050
Display Port to HDMI Converter ৳ 699
HDMI to Fiber Optical Cable up to 20Km ৳ 11,500