VGA Cable Price in Bangladesh

VGA cable is a type of cable that is used to transmit analog video signals between two devices. Currently, this type of cable is widely used in BD to connect desktop computers, laptops, projectors and older displays. Moreover, VGA cable is very popular among users around the world as well as in Bangladesh as it is easy to use, consistent and helps in transmitting quality images.

What is the benefit of VGA cable?

There are several advantages to using VGA cables, the most notable of which are:

  • VGA cable work seamlessly with a wide range of devices including desktop computers, laptops, projectors and older displays.
  • VGA cable is available in BD at an affordable price compared to cable for other display devices, making these a cost-effective choice for use in compatible devices.
  • In addition to transmitting analog signals, it can transmit quality images at lower resolutions.
  • The signal can transmit uninterrupted signals over relatively long distances, making it suitable for connecting device that is far away.
  • VGA cable is quite easy to use and does not require any separate software or configuration to use.
  • Plugging in the device being used will detect and configure the display device settings directly.

How does VGA cable work?

VGA cable mainly works by transmitting analog video signals between various display devices including desktop computers, laptops, and projectors. This type of cable connects to the VGA port on a display device such as a monitor or projector. The latter sends color signals and sync signals to synchronize the display with the source device. Once connected, the source device sends video signals to the display device, which converts the signals into images on the screen. Moreover, nowadays VGA cable in Bangladesh is popular for use in many devices due to compatibility with a wide range of devices and affordable price.

How much does VGA cable cost?

VGA cable price in Bangladesh vary based on cable length, material, and type. Currently, VGA cable price in BD ranges from TK 290 to TK 3,500. However, the longer the length of the VGA cable, the higher the price. Also, short-length VGA cable cost more in BD which is of better quality.

What to look for before buying VGA cable?

For a stable and reliable connection between the device and the display, the following points should be considered when purchasing a VGA cable:

1. Adequate Length: The required cable length should be determined depending on the distance between the display and the device. Moreover, currently VGA cables are available in Bangladesh in different lengths, ranging from 1.5 meters to 50 meters. Therefore, VGA cable of suitable length should be selected according to requirement.

2. Quality: Consider whether the VGA cable has high-quality shielding, good build quality, and is made of durable materials. Because a quality VGA cable will provide a stable and reliable connection.

3. Compatibility: Check whether the port on the computer, laptop or projector is compatible with the port of the VGA cable.

4. Resolution: High-resolution displays will require VGA cables capable of transmitting higher-resolution images. Therefore, before purchasing a VGA cable, its transmission capability should be verified.

5. Price Consistency: VGA cables are relatively cheap in BD, but price vary depending on cable length and quality. So one should choose a VGA cable that offers quality and good balance.

By taking the above factors into consideration, you can select the right VGA cable according to your needs and budget.