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Astha UV-106M10 Powerful Fake Note Detector Machines

Astha UV-106M10 Powerful Fake Note Detector Machines
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Fake Note Detector

Astha UV-106M10 professional counterfeit note detector machine has powerful fake money detection system checks ultraviolet light detector, support multiple paper currency, fluorescent light for watermark verification, simultaneous UV and watermark verification function, large magnifier for micro-printing verification, auto on/off sensor, automatic UV sensor, compact and portable design, magnetic detection, folding stand for angled viewing, counterfeit banknotes /ID card and bills detection, UV detection, magnify glass, white light and MG detection, KB-104 with magnify glass 5x, KB-104D with two magnify glass 10x, 2 x 6W UV lamp, 6W white light, weight 1.3 kg, 270 × 150 × 145 mm dimension, 220V power supply.

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