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Beauty Fruit Detox Plum 1-Box

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Full Specification

  • 20 packets in one box
  • Ingredients
    • Golden plum
    • Angelica keiskei
    • Lactobacillus
    • Pu'er tea and so on
  • Two-year shelf life
  • Benefits of beauty fruit detox plum
    • Helps to fat and weight loss
    • Skin becomes radiant
    • Gives the body vital protein
    • Help in food digestion
    • Reduces skin oil naturally
  • Detox plum recommended by the American women's health association
  • Warning
    • It is prohibited to take this medication in pregnant women, young children, peptic ulcer patients, and anyone who is physically ill or disabled
    • Don't eat the plum seed
    • Do not take this product with other weight loss medications


This beauty fruit detox plum is beneficial for health and loss weight naturally. Every day, take one or two to chew after meals. After eating, don't forget to sip additional water. It is made with golden plum, angelica keiskei, lactobacillus, Pu'er tea, and so on. This detox plum reduces skin oil naturally and skin becomes radiant. It provides vital protein to the consumer body and helps in food digestion. Additionally, it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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