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BST Smart Pump Controller

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BST Smart Pump Controller

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The lowest price of Bst smart pump controller in Bangladesh is Tk-4,972/= only. Buy at low price in Bdstall. There is currently 0 seller.

Full Specification

Pump Type Submersible
  • Operating the water pump is quite a troublesome task this device will automatically operate the motor
  • As the device is fully automatic it will not require any operator to operate it will intelligently work automatically by itself
  • Water wastage will reduce electricity wastage and your walls will have no chance of getting damp
  • The automatic will protect the pump from high-voltage and low-voltage where there is a possibility of burning your pump
  • Tank water level, voltage, motor running time, and motor mode can be seen on the digital screen
  • With the timer option, you can set the time to draw water
  • As there is a safety time, the pump will start after 5-10 seconds during the load setting so that the motor will be saved from an accidental accident of the motor
  • With the manual switch, you can start the motor at any time or with any problem
  • You can specify the percentage of water in your tank that you want the pump to turn on and off
  • Made in Bangladesh


This BST smart pump controller device starts the water pump automatically when the water in the overhead or reserve tank runs out. Once the overhead or reserve tank is filled, the pump will turn off automatically. It makes it simple to check how much water is in the tank.

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