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SG-300 Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate

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The lowest price of Sg-300 digital magnetic stirrer hotplate in Bangladesh is Tk-26,500/= only. Buy at low price in Bdstall. There is currently 0 seller.

Full Specification

  • LED display
    • Measures target and actual temperature
  • 50-510℃ safe temperature
  • PT1000 for external temperature sensor
  • Timer setup facility
  • 0-99 hour time range
  • Stirring position: 1
  • Set-up plate dimensions (mm): 185 x 185
  • Set-up plate material: Stainless steel with ceramic coated
  • Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor
  • Max. stirring quantity (H2O) (L): 20
  • Max. stirring bar (L x Φ, mm): 80 x Φ9.5
  • Motor rating input (W): 25
  • Motor rating output (W): 17
  • Speed range (rpm): 50-1500
  • Speed display: LED
  • Heating output (W): 1000
  • Heating temperature range (°C): Room temp.- 510


This SG-300 digital magnetic hotplate stirring machine offers the absolute best chemical resistance due to a substrate composed of ceramic materials. The stove enables accurate and secure boiling and tempering. It includes a safety circuit and a hot top detector for ensuring greater safety while working. It can widely be used in medical, biological engineering, chemistry, medicine, food, and other research fields.

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