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Emergency Fire Smoke Mask and Escape Hood Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 1,050


Protects from smoke generated by fire
Panoramic field of vision
Breathe safely for up to 40 minutes
Made of silicone

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ID 36571
Lowest Price ৳ 1,050
Item Fire Accessories
Status In Stock
Updated 3 months ago
Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh


Emergency fire smoke masks and escape hoods give protection from CO, HCN, poisonous smoke, and heat radiation for up to 60 minutes with good airtightness. More than 80% of fatalities in fires are caused by smoke-related injuries. The high-tech Fire Escape Mask guards you against dense, deadly smoke, poisonous gas, and radiant heat. In less than 30 seconds, our emergency smoke mask can be worn around your neck, sealing out dangerous smoke, dust, and chemicals. You may securely breathe for up to 60 minutes in our custom-designed smoke hood, providing you vital time to evacuate. In a home or high-rise fire, every second counts.

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