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Huion Inspiroy H1060P Digital Art Drawing Tablet

Price ৳ 10,000
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Brand Huion
Item Graphics Tablet
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Updated 18 hours ago

Android supported, 8192 level pressure, 16 soft express keys, 10mm ultra-slim tablet with larger workspace, 8192 pressure sensitivity levels, 10 x 6.25-inch combination of 12 hard workspaces, PW100 battery-free pen, pen holder, pen nibs x8, both Windows and macOS are supported, 360 x 240 x 10mm dimension, 770g weight.

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৳ 10,000


±60° tilt support
12 press keys,
5080 LPI pen resolution
254 x 158.8 mm PC mode working area
99.3 x 158.8 mm Android mode working area
Battery free electromagnetic resonance pen technology
Micro USB interface

Brand Huion
Graphics Tablet Type Professional
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