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IKE TC-208BC 8-Port PABX Intercom Exchange Machine

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IKE TC-208BC intercom exchange PABX has caller ID transferred, auto detect fax signal, call on holding, personal account, outward code dialing, least cost route to save call fee, auto add IP code when dial long-distance call, outside line duration time limit, station lock for personal password and allows lock your extension, busy transferred, unconditional transferred, call transferred to secretary, do not disturb, twin routes, party conference between 2 extensions and 1 CO line, party conference among 3 extensions, executive busy override, monitor voice record, enable/ disable outside caller reaches extension by one touch dialing, hot-line features call to operator as soon as lifts handset without any number input, one touch dialing allows call to operator by one key, outside line ring by turns, allows has maximum of eight extension ringing at the same time, extension outgoing call class, extension free notice, extension number assignable freewill, and self-extension number confirmation.

Type ISDN / Analog
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