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Suja Global 12-Liter Ultrasonic Humidifier Price in Bangladesh


Low operating noise
Real temperature show
12kg/h humidifying capacity
Tap water is added automatically
Origin Singapore

Full Specification

ID 75832
Lowest Price ৳ 125,000
Item Dehumidifier
Status Out of Stock
Updated 1 day ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


This Suja is an ultrasonic humidifier that uses high-frequency sound vibration to create extra fine water fog. An ultrasonic humidifier continuously generates these high-frequency sound vibrations when it is turned on. This humidifier can easily set and control humidity. Keep it water overflow protection and turn off the water when the tank is full. The softening resin filter demineralizes hard water, removes calcium and magnesium, reduces scale, and reduces water hardness.

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