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Yuwell 7E-A/B/D Portable Phlegm Suction Machine Price in Bangladesh

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1000ML reservoir volume
90VA input power
12V DC power supply
0.075MPa maximum negative pressure value
17L per minute pumping rate
65dB noise function
CE certified
Made in India

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Model ✅ 7E-A/B/D
ID 63922
Lowest Price ৳ 7,500
Item Medical Equipment
Status In Stock
Updated 17 hours ago
Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh


Yuwell 7E-A/B/D is a portable suction unit with oil-free lubrication that can be used by patients who have phlegm problems. It is designed with a secret vacuum tube and a rectangular negative air meter shell made entirely of plastic. This layout not only decreases operating disturbance but is also stylish. It features an innovative overspill system that keeps pus and phlegm out of the device.

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