Huion Graphics Tablet

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৳ 40,000
9 days ago
Huion Kamvas Pro-12 GT-116 Drawing 11.6" Graphics Tablet

Huion Kamvas Pro-12 GT-116 graphics tablet has 11.6 inch drawing screen, ultra-thin and portable graphics tablet, 8192...

৳ 45,000
9 days ago
Huion Kamvas Pro-13 GT-133 Drawing 13.3" Graphics Tablet

Huion kamvas pro-13 GT-133 graphics tablet has 13.3 inch screen, full laminated anti-glare drawing glass, thin tablet...

৳ 15,400
9 days ago
Huion DWH69 Electromagnetic Digitizer Quality Design Tablet

Huion DWH69 design tablet PC has electromagnetic digitizer technology, design tablet active area 9" x 6", resolution...

৳ 14,600
9 days ago
Huion 1060 Pro+ Screen Drawing Lightweight Tablet SD Card

Huion 1060 pro+ screen drawing art tablet has 10" x 6.25" active area, lightweight graphics tablet so easy to carry,...

৳ 10,000
2 days ago
Huion A3 LED Light Box Touch Drawing Pad Artist Design Pad

Huion A3 LED light graphics pad for artist has touch switch design, 310mm x 430mm active area, acrylic panels,...

৳ 12,500
11 hours ago
Huion 1060 Pro Plus 5080 LPI USB Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion 1060 pro+ graphics tablet has 5080 lines per inch resolution, 233 revolutions per second reporting rate, 2048...

৳ 15,000
11 hours ago
Huion New 1060 Plus 5080 LPI Graphic Drawing Pen Tablet

Huion new 1060 plus graphic drawing pen tablet has electromagnetic digitizer technology, 12 express key and 16 function...

৳ 80,000
11 hours ago
Huion GT-220 Graphics Art Pen Tablet 21.5" Full HD 5080 LPI

Huion GT-220 graphics drawing pen tablet has screen protector, pen, black glove, graphics tablet active display 476.64...

৳ 44,000
11 hours ago
Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Advanced Battery Free Graphics Tablet

Pen display monitor, battery free electromagnetic resonance technology, 11.6 inch screen, 266PPS report rate, 4 handy...

৳ 50,000
2 days ago
Huion GT-190S Lightweight 19" LCD Digital Drawing Pen Pad

Huion GT-190S digital art pen pad has wide 19 inch LCD screen, lightweight design, 16:10 aspect ratio, graphics pad...