Wacom Graphics Tablet

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৳ 40,500
8 days ago
Wacom PTH860P Intuos Pro Paper Edition Graphics Tablet

Wacom PTH860P intuos pro paper edition large graphics tablet has 8192 tablet pressure sensitivity, 2 wacom tablet...

৳ 10,500
8 days ago
Wacom Intuos Small Black Photo Pen and Touch Tablet CTH490PK

Wacom intuos small black photo pen and touch graphics tablet CTH490PK has 5.98 inch x 3.74 inch active area, USB...

৳ 14,500
8 days ago
Wacom CTL-6100 Intuos Medium Cordless Graphics Tablet

Wacom CTL-6100 intuos small graphics drawing tablet has 216.0 x 135.0 mm active area, 2540 lpi drawing resolution, 4096...

৳ 34,500
8 days ago
Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Medium Design Tablet PC

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition medium design tablet PC has wacom pro pen 2, 8192 pen pressure levels, 8 graphics tablet...

৳ 7,500
8 days ago
Wacom CTL4100 USB Intuos Small Creative Pen Graphics Tablet

Wacom CTL4100 intuos small graphics tablet has 152 x 95 mm active area, 2540 lpi resolution, 4 customizable express...

৳ 5,500
8 days ago
Wacom CTL 472 Creative 2540 lpi Graphics Drawing Tablet

Wacom CTL 472 creative graphics drawing tablet has 152.0 x 95.0 mm active area, 2048 pen pressure level, 2540 lpi...

৳ 15,500
8 days ago
Wacom CDS-600P Bamboo Spark Graphics Tablet Sleeve

Wacom CDS-600P bamboo spark graphics tablet with sleeve has 148 x 210 mm active area, 1024 pressure level, bamboo spark...

৳ 10,000
8 days ago
Wacom CTL 672 Cordless Professional Graphics Drawing Tablet

Wacom CTL 672 professional graphics drawing tablet has pressure sensitive, cordless, 216.0 x 135.0 mm active area, 2048...

৳ 20,500
8 days ago
Wacom Graphics Tablet Intuos Pro Small PTH451 User Friendly

Wacom graphics tablet intuos pro small PTH451 has 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity in both pen tip and eraser,...

৳ 71,500
1 month ago
Wacom Cintiq 13HD Graphics Pen Tablet 13.3" Full HD Display

Wacom cintiq 13HD graphics tablet DTK1300 has 13.3 inch full HD display 1920 X 1080 with wide viewing angle, 2048...