Paper Shredder

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1 day ago
Deli 9915 10-Sheet Capacity 2m/min Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Deli 9915 cross cut paper shredder has 10 sheets shredding capacity, power supply AC220/50Hz, shredding speed 2m/min,...

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Aurora Paper Shredder AS1225CD

Aurora Paper Shredder Aurora Paper Shredder Model:AS1225CD 12 Sheets(Cross Cut) 8.2 feet Per Minute

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3 days ago
Deli 9918 Office Paper Shredder 20-Sheet Capacity Machine

Deli 9918 office paper shredder has 20 sheets shredding capacity, 20 minutes continuous working time, shredding size 4...

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16 hours ago
Aurora AS1225CD Shredder

urora AS1225CD is a medium duty, Cross Cut paper shredder that can be used in the home or home office. With high...

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1 day ago
Deli 9903 Cross Cut 12-Sheet Office Paper Shredder Machine

Deli 9903 LCD cross cut paper shredder machine has 12 sheets shredding capacity, 3 x 25 mm paper shredding size, 23L...

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5 days ago
Jinpex JP-840C Hi-Speed 20 Sheet Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Jinpex JP-840C heavy duty paper shredder machine has 20 sheets capacity, LCD display, 4 x 40mm paper shredder cut size,...

৳ 38,500
8 days ago
GBC RDS2250 Mercury Straight Cut Paper Shredder Machine

GBC RDS2250 mercury straight cut paper shredder machine has 5.8 mm ribbon cut strips, DIN security level S2, maximum 22...

৳ 11,800
5 days ago
Deli 9904 8 Sheet Electronic Office Paper Shredder Machine

Deli 9904 electric office paper shredder machine has powerful shredding ability, can shred 8 pages at a time, 2 x 12 mm...

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5 days ago
Jinpex JP-860C Portable 25-Sheets Office Paper Shredder

Jinpex JP-860C heavy duty portable office paper shredder machine has sheet 25 sheets capacity, LED display, transparent...

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Paper Shredder AS1540CD

Paper shredder Model:AS1540CD 15 sheets (Micro-cut) 8.20 feet per minute