Paper Shredder

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৳ 7,000
16 days ago
Baizan 7439 Continuous 7 Min Working Office Paper Shredder

Baizan 7439 office paper shredder has 10 sheets shredding capacity, 7 minutes continuous paper shredder working time,...

৳ 14,000
1 day ago
Aurora Paper Shredder AS1225CD

Aurora Paper Shredder Aurora Paper Shredder Model:AS1225CD 12 Sheets(Cross Cut) 8.2 feet Per Minute

৳ 35,000
2 days ago
Jinpex JP-860C Portable 25 Sheet Paper Shredder Machine

Jinpex JP-860C havy duty portable paper shredder machine has transparent paper shredder window, paper entry width...

৳ 38,500
21 days ago
GBC RDS2250 Mercury Straight Cut Paper Shredder Machine

GBC RDS2250 mercury straight cut paper shredder machine has 5.8 mm ribbon cut strips, DIN security level S2, maximum 22...

৳ 14,700
21 days ago
Rexel V125 Sleek Design Manual Paper Shredder Machine

Rexel V125 paper shredder machine has 4 x 34 mm shredd size, 3' per minute shred speed, easy to empty 35 litre pull out...

৳ 15,000
1 day ago
Lexin JP630C Cross Cut 12 Sheet Capacity Paper Shredder

Lexin JP630C paper shredder has cross cut, suitable for busy offices and corporate houses, shredder mouth 4 x 50 mm,...

৳ 18,500
2 days ago
Jinpex JP-6215CD Cross Cut 15 Sheets Paper Shredder Machines

Jinpex JP-6215CD high security paper shredder machine has P4 security level, 2 m/min rated speed, 10 min duty cycle,...

৳ 19,200
21 days ago
Lexin 630C Cross Cut 12 Sheet Capacity Paper Shredder

Lexin 630C cross cut paper shredder machine has LED display, low noise operation, 35mm CD and credit card cutting...

৳ 14,500
2 days ago
Deli 9903 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Machine

It can shred 12 pages at a time, shredding speed 3m/min, cross-cut paper cutting process, credit card and CD shedding,...

৳ 79,500
1 day ago
Paper Shredder AS1540CD

Paper shredder Model:AS1540CD 15 sheets (Micro-cut) 8.20 feet per minute