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৳ 32,000
4 days ago
SyRotech OLT SY-GOPON-20LT 2-Port Network Switch

SyRotech OLT SY-GOPON-20LT network switch has high stability with low cost and flexible networking construction, two...

৳ 18,200
4 days ago
Cisco SF350-24-10/100 Manage Switch

Cisco 350 series switches, additional features secure desktop connectivity, 24 x fast ethernet network, twisted pair...

৳ 380,000
4 days ago
Fujikura 70s+ Fusion Splicer Machine

Automated wind protector / tube heaters, 6 seconds splicing and 9 seconds tube heating, ruggedized body, improved...

৳ 230,000
4 days ago
Inno View3 Touch Screen Fusion Splicer Machine

Active V-groove clad alignment splicing method, highest magnification and resolution, color LCD touch screen,...

৳ 1,200
4 days ago
PLC Fibre Optic Splitter with ABS Box

Splits the fibre optic light into several parts by a certain ratio and divide the light power to send to different...

৳ 4,500
4 days ago
Outdoor Waterproof 305M UTP CAT-6 Cable

High quality outdoor FTP CAT-6 cable, shielded with dry gel tape, 4 twisted pairs of 23 AWG wire and center spline with...

৳ 2,200
moment ago
C-Data FD600-111GW EPON ONU with Wi-Fi

Built-in wi-fi, 1 EPON interface, 1 x 10 / 100 / 1000M ethernet interface, IEEE802.3ah standard compliant, EMS network...

৳ 10,500
moment ago
Mikrotik RouterBoard RB450Gx4 512 NAND Portable Router

5-port gigabit ethernet with four core 716 MHz CPU, 1GB RAM, RouterOS L5, passive PoE out on port -5, PoE-in 802.3af /...

৳ 4,000
moment ago
Tenda O3 Wireless 5km Point to Point Outdoor CPE

O3 2.4GHz outdoor CPE is designed to WISP CPE solutions and long distance wireless network solutions for video...

৳ 16,500
14 days ago
MikroTik RB4011iGS-RM 10 Ports 1U Rackmount Wired Router

MikroTik RB4011iGS-RM wired router has quad core cortex A15 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 512 MB storage, 10 gigabit ports, 1400 MHz...

৳ 1,100
moment ago
Xtech XT-E100S 4 Standards 1.25 Gbps One EPON ONU

Xtech EPON ONU has integrated G/EPON port, maximum bandwidth up to 2.5 Gbps, single 1Gbps lan interface for high-speed...

৳ 48,000
4 days ago
BDCOM P3310C Series 4 PON Port Rack-Mounted OLT

BDCOM P3310C OLT has four PON systems, it abides by IEEE802.3ah and PRC community industry standard YD/T 1475-2006, it...

৳ 150,000
4 days ago
GEPON OLT BDCOM P3608-2TE Network Switch

GEPON OLT BDCOM P3608-2TE network switch has 8 x GEPON ports, up to 512 subscribers, 4 x 100 / 1000Mbps SFP uplink...

৳ 6,000
4 days ago
Optical Power Meter 710b Auto Switch Self Calibration

Optical Power Meter 710b has self calibration, auto switch, -70 ~ +10 dbm test range, 800 ~ 1700 nm wavelength range,...

৳ 170,000
4 days ago
Maxtester EXFO OTDR 710B Lightweight Design 7" Touchscreen

Maxtester EXFO OTDR 710B has lightweight design, 7 inch outdoor enhanced touchscreen, EDZ 1m / ADZ 4m dead zones, up to...

৳ 1,300
13 days ago
DBC EPON ONU 1GZ-AK-V2 1GE Optical Network

DBC 1GZ-AK-V2 EPON ONU has 1GE optical network, PON uplink port, RJ-45 ethernet port, 10/100/1000Mbps, connect to...

৳ 240,000
4 days ago
Sumitomo Z1C Touch Screen Fiber Optic Compact Splicer

Sumitomo Z1C fiber optic compact splicer has 4.1 inch LCD monitor with touch screen operation, up to 28 seconds heater...

৳ 16
4 days ago
Usha Martin 4 Core High Speed Fiber Optic Network Cable

Usha Martin fiber optic network cable has 4 cores for high speed audio / video / data transmission.

৳ 20,000
4 days ago
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Mesh 802.11 MIMO Outdoor WiFi AP

Ubiquiti uniFi AP AC mesh wireless AP has 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi standards, up to 600 meter wifi range, 1 x 10/100/1000...

৳ 35,000
moment ago
Cambium ePMP Force 200 Point-to-Point Wireless Antenna

Cambium ePMP force 200 wireless antenna has 5 GHz sub-bands and high-speed point-to-point wireless bridge, 17dBi in 2.4...