Smart Digital System

Smart Digital System

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৳ 205,000
22 days ago
Motorola CDR700 Repeater System

Continuous duty cycle operation for up to 25 watt Tx power, one or two antennas operation, battery revert operation,...

৳ 17,000
22 days ago
Vertex Standard VX231 Handheld UHF Two-Way Radio

DTMF speed dial, flexible channel spacing 12.5 kHz to 25 kHz, 16 channel capacity, two programmable keys, single...

৳ 7,890
13 days ago
Kirisun PT558S 16-Channel Radio Walkie Talkie

Kirisun PT558S professional walkie-talkie has 16 channel capacity, emergency signaling, voice scrambler, 100mm antenna,...

৳ 13,999
13 days ago
Motorola XiR E8600 Long Range Walkie-Talkie

Motorola XiR E8600 has dust-proof, best in class audio, rugged design, UHF 400-480Mhz, 8 W output, 3 / 4km range,...

৳ 13,800
22 days ago
Motorola GP328 Portable 16-CH Two-Way Walkie Talkie

Wide range coverage, simple-to-operate two-way radio, 16 channel capacity, 136-174 MHz / 330-400 MHz / 403-470 MHz...

৳ 5,800
13 days ago
Kenwood TK-3207G Built-In Voice Scrambler 16CH Walkie Talkie

Compact design, priority scan and talk back, built-in voice scrambler, 16 channels, fleetsync ptt id and selcall, Qt /...

৳ 2,400
22 days ago
Walkie-Talkie Battery for Motorola GP328

Walkie talkie battery for Motorola GP328 is compatible with original radio, premium quality service with 'A' grade...

৳ 26,000
22 days ago
Motocom MC-700 16-Channel Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Up to 5~7 KM ranges cover, 16 channel capacity, low power alarm, 3500 mAh battery, more than 20 hours walkie talkie...

৳ 6,200
13 days ago
BaoFeng UV-82 Two-Way Radio Dual Frequency Walkie Talkie

BaoFeng UV-82 handheld walkie talkie has 400-520 MHz frequency range, two-way radio, 128 groups channels storage, dual...

৳ 2,200
13 days ago
Baofeng BF-888S 16 Channel Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

LED indication,16 channel capacity, 50 CTCSS / 105 CDCSS, low voltage alarm, channel switch, volume control, speaker...

৳ 6,100
13 days ago
KST 245-246MHz 80 Channel Colorful Walkie-Talkie

KST-245 colorful walkie-talkie has 80 channels, 245-246MHz frequency range, 12.5kHz channel spacing, ±2.5PPM frequency...

৳ 3,999
13 days ago
Kenwood TK-3107 UHF Handheld Walkie-Talkie Two Way Radio

Channel capacity 16, frequency range 400-470 MHz, wide-narrow channel bandwidth, time-out timer, busy channel lockout,...