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Best Trims

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And Gulf Precision Electronic Balance Machine

And gulf digital GSM weight balance machine measures and directly indicates fabric quality in terms of grams per square...

৳ 25,000
22 hours ago
Richard JH Hilfiger RJH-18L Industrial Dehumidifier

Rotary Panasonic compressor, 18L/D capacity, 375ft²~430 ft² cover range, 5°C~38°C Mc.operating temperature.

৳ 26,000
22 hours ago
Smart Sensor HF-150 Infrared Thermometer

C / F unit measuring option, accurate measuring, 34 ~ 45 ℃ temperature measurement range, non-contact infrared...

৳ 3,900
22 hours ago
Digital Caliper IP54 12" Vernier Scale

Stainless steel with large LCD display, terma ABS origin digital caliper, waterproof digital vernier caliper, mm / inch...

৳ 9,250
22 hours ago
Pantone FHIP110A TPG Fashion Home Interiors Color Guide

2625 colors as a lacquer coating on paper for hard home goods, potable fan deck in two volume sets, eco-friendly...

৳ 17,500
22 hours ago
Pantone FHIC200A Fashion Home Interiors Cotton Passport

2625 Pantone colors on cotton, perfect size to carry in places like fabric stores / showrooms / client meetings /...

৳ 55,000
22 hours ago
Pantone FHIC300A Fashion Home+ Interiors Cotton Planner

2625 reference colors, handy for designers and in-house colorists, helps visualizing and then specifying colors for...

৳ 85,000
22 hours ago
Yarn Twist Tester

Controlling system for micro computer, 0-500mm testing length, 500 and 2000r / min testing speed, ISO2061 / Bs2085 /...

৳ 185,000
22 hours ago
Magnifier glass with Counting Indicator

Two LED light with indicator PIN and lamp.

৳ 600
22 hours ago
Rotate Wash Color Fastness Tester

8 jar AATTC with ISO standard, 40 rpm speed, 550 ± 50 ml wash pot volume, 95℃ maximum temperature, 220V 50Hz power,...

৳ 660,000
22 hours ago
Digisystem DSO-800D Natural Convection Hot Air Oven

Made in Taiwan, 80 liter capacity, 1250 watt, 200 degree ℃ working temperature, 420 x 450 x 463 mm chamber, natural...

৳ 80,000
6 days ago
Aqua-Boy PMII Paper Moisture Meter

6%~30% paper moisture meter, easy to use and highly portable, 0.1% accuracy, use for cardboard / newspaper...

৳ 125,000
22 hours ago
Pantone GP1601A Coated Uncoated Color Guide

Lighting Indicator page demonstrate, 294 new Pantone color printed, 2161 Pantone color display, solid coated color...

৳ 15,000
22 hours ago
Hashima HN-30 Handheld Needle Detector

Needle detection sound, 0.8mm steel and 5mm height from surface, hi / low sensitivity select switch, buzzer and LED...

৳ 33,500
22 hours ago
Magnetic Floor Waste Sweeper

Telescoping handle, sweeps away nails, screws and other metal objects perfectly, quick release mechanism, 2 wheels...

৳ 16,000
22 hours ago
SDC UK Crocking Cloth

Cotton lawn rubbing fabric, 5 cm x 5 cm dimension.

৳ 3,000
22 hours ago
Aqua Boy Measuring Cable

Aqua boy cable 200, easy to use, made in Germany.

৳ 8,000
22 hours ago
PH-3508 TDS / EC / pH / Temperature Meter

Waterproof pocket type, multi calibration option, 0.00~14.00 pH, EC 0-19.99S/cm, 0~1999 ppm Tds, automatic temperature,...

৳ 6,000
22 hours ago
Just D50 Daylight Bulb

600 mm, made in Germany.

৳ 2,700
22 hours ago
Q&Q HS45-001 10-Lap Split Digital Stopwatch

Water resistant watch, pacemaker function, 30 millimeters bandwidth, countdown timer, full auto-calendar, plastic band...

৳ 2,500
22 hours ago