Hearing Plus Dhaka

Hearing Plus Dhaka

139,140,Green Super Market, 3rd Floor, Room No-2, Green Road, Opposite Side RH Home Center, Farmgate, Dhaka-1215.
Farmgate, Dhaka, Bangladesh
M A Hossain Shishir
01687476727, 01977674727

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৳ 26,000
11 days ago
Starkey Axio i6 BTE 6-Channel Feedback Canceller Hearing Aid

Starkey axio i6 BTE 6-channel feedback canceller hearing aid has ISO compression, feedback canceller, noise control,...

৳ 51,500
11 days ago
Nuear Imgine Classic Invisible CIC Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear imgine classic hearing aid device has invisible completely in ear canal so no one can see, 6 channels, digital...

৳ 18,000
11 days ago
Phonak Baseo Q5 2CH Adaptive Directional Mic Hearing Aid

Phonak baseo Q5-SP hearing aid device has 2 channel technology, speech enhancement, AntiShock technology, adaptive...

৳ 49,500
11 days ago
NuEar Imagine Classic 6 CH Induction Coil CIC Hearing Aid

NuEar Imagine Classic 6 channel CIC hearing aid has automatic telephone response, hearing aid sweep technology,...

৳ 115,000
11 days ago
Phonak Naida Q70 16 Channel Programmable Hearing Aid Device

Phonak naida Q70 programmable hearing aid device has 16 channel, stereo zoom, FlexVolume, real ear sound, SoundRelax....

৳ 12,500
11 days ago
Nuear Fortune P Digital Hearing Aid Trimmer Control Telecoil

Nuear Fortune P digital hearing aid has trimmer control digital processing technology, powerful telecoil, low hearing...

৳ 23,000
11 days ago
Nuear Intro Choice 2 Channel 8 Bands BTE Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear intro choice behind-the-air digital hearing aid device has 2 channel, 8 bands, feedback canceller, environment...

৳ 311,000
11 days ago
Nuear Imagine 2 Premiar BTE 16 Channel Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear imagine 2 premiar behind-the-ear digital hearing aid has 16 channel and 16 bands, optimal high – resolution...

৳ 40,500
11 days ago
Nuear Intro 2 CIC 4 Channel 4 Bands Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear intro 2 digital hearing aid has completely in ear canal setup so no one can see them, 4 channels, 4 bands, active...

৳ 113,000
11 days ago
Nuear Imagine Prestige BTE PP 8 Channel Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear imagine prestige behind-the-ear PP digital hearing aid 8 channel, 8 bands, precise sound imaging, active feedback...